Mythic+ Hall of Shame

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You are not allowe to name and shame people on forums. Better delete it before popo comes and getsyou

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Oh snap, then I have to find another place :slight_smile:

Naming and shaming constitutes harassment

Accusing named or otherwise identified individuals, guilds, etc. of dishonourable behaviour, such as cheating or “ninja looting”, will lead to post/thread deletion and a suspension. While such warnings may sometimes be warranted, allowing targeting of others in such a fashion is open to abuse and thus not allowed. You may present your point of view while preserving the anonymity of those involved, and let the reader decide whether to contact you for details.

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OK guys, thanks for notifying me. But I will find another place to share the information about Mythic+ leavers and come back :slight_smile: Leavers must pay. Why does Overwatch (another Blizzard game) punish them, but not WoW?

Because in OW game creates matchmaking. If game forces players on you, game moderates it too. However when it comes to m+ its leaders choice who they invite and its leaders job to moderate it. Basically if you invite someone you don’t like, don’t invite him again.


Yet the leaders are not given any tools to do the job properly besides hoping for the best. You can’t even blacklist a player from another realm.

You can choose to only invite people you trust. Noone is forced upon u with automatic matchmaking system.

So, we need some way to keep track of whom we trust (and of whom we don’t trust). This what I’m talking about.

Yes, m+ is designed for close communities, guilds, friends. If you choose to pug with randoms you choose all the risks coming with it.

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May be, you’re right. But I detest the idea of allowing total dicks to get away.

I’ve been in a party with a restor druid from the Blackmoore realm in Tol Dagor+14, and he/she left on the last boss. We wiped due to the dark sectors not being visible on the floor (probably a bug). We had 2:30 minutes. Of course, we were not going to finish it in time. But why not give it another try? Is it so hard to spend another 5 minutes and kill the boss?

But he/she left with a message ‘no intime bb’. Call me naive, but I was shocked by this level of selfishness. This behaviour has no excuse and must be punished, just for the sake of the great justice.

And how do you punish it? And which part do you punish? DId leader advertise that run would be in time? If yes, does that mean if you see it wont be in time you are allowed to leave? Also if they make leaving punishable, do they make it punishable if leader kicks that person? What about dcing?

I’m not paid by Blizzard to make decisions for them. It’s their job, not mine.

But we as a community could have a website/forum/addon to share the information about dicks, so that leaders could identify them and don’t invite, and so that people start to actually care about their reputation.

And people can’t abuse that? Community blacklists were always a failure and allowed larger groups to bully and abuse people

But now people are abusing the ability to leave the group any time with no consequences. Is it better?

Why do you say that community blacklists have always been a failure? Do you have anything to support this statement?

Find friends and q with them, otherwise its a lottery. Its very hard to push your own key, one day u can do a 15 - then 1 salty person leaves and ruined it, then 14, 13, 12, 11, 10. Other day 12, 14, 13 and so on. Its just wasting of time, u can do weekly max. If u srsly want to push and do M+ - find a group to do with.
RIO and others thing do not guarantee anything and say nothing. Yes its just a tool and nothing more, its helps, but not panacea.

I would advise making/joining an M+ community, that’s served me pretty well.

You can get people who don’t leave and are competent, unlike the LFD tool where you might end up with someone who leaves 90 seconds into the damned dungeon.

Seriously, some of these people have mad RIO scores but the instant there’s a wipe, they’re gone, sometimes they leave for no reason, with no explanation.


If you make a pre-made for M+ it’s all on you how that pans out

I would think you should either make or join a guild based upon your comments


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