Need Guild!

Hi I’m looking for a guild for shadowlands and even some bfa M+ whilst its still going. What I want is a guild who wont g kick me if I don’t turn up for raid for a week, I work shifts so I cannot always make it. Will be active m+ player though.
Can play whatever my DK is current most geared in this xpac but liking warrior and can be forced into warlock if I must.

P.S i’m 25 years of age ty.

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Hello Metrome.

We at Faster than Lag dont expect people to turn up to every raid even tho it is nice.

Have a read and let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:

G’day mate!! Sounds like we could offer what you’re looking for. An extremely active guild which plays for the sheer joy of it and has calendar stuff going on almost on a daily basis still now, 10 days before prepatch.

We’re no CE guild, never will be, but we do some Mythic raiding and we’re looking at getting to the 2nd half of the Mythic raid in SL. Our forte is an EXTREMELY lively guild, gchat and Discord (some channel names could get me banned on forums probably), helpful people, and calendar stuff almost every day of the week.

Rosters ebb and flow, so we’re not looking for any particular role, but more for like-minded people. We have 3-4 people who can pivot to any role (tank, heal, rdps, mdps) so we try to make room for anyone to play what they like. I started tier as tank, then healed, then rdps on my hunter. From our raiders we always ask the same : PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE. We’ll make it work.

Give us a shout if this sounds good to you.

LepantoESP#4381 on Discord