Need your help with a DK

Hello i am thinking about levelling and perhaps Role Playing a DK. My question is what Allied race would make the most sense as I was thinking of levelling one of those?

Use the high elf skins on a void elf in Shadowlands to play a High Elf DK.

Alternatively a mag’har orc as a MU mag’har DK.

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Kul Tiran of course.
The rest can go in a dumpster fire.

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All allied races can make sense if you can work out a story behind them. It doesn’t have to be a complex story.
Start with a simple concept. Look to what races you find appealing and build off from it.

Fun concepts I can suggest:
A Lightforged that attempts to use the Light again, even though it burns their form and could destroy them.
A Highmountain of the Skyhorn tribe that now seeks to the be the master of the sky, even in death.
A Nightborne that twists magic of their foes against them, becoming a proficient mage hunter.
A mechagnome who died and who’s mechanical body is the only thing that is keeping them falling fully apart.

There are many ways to go about it.
I recommend hitting up the Ebon Onslaught as well for role-play!


all of them make sense really, it’s more about the type of character or RP you’d wanna invest in. I can definitely back what Tenasa said though, the Onslaught is a prime place to go for all things Ebon Blade/ Death Knight


Alternatively, use a blood elf for High Elf DK, because why tf would they abandon their people again.


That would be ideal, but they asked for allied race recommendations, so I’m guessing they wanted it for heritage achievements.

You have a number of areas can go with any of the allied races. As principle they are raised recently as veterans of the Fourth War and even have the racial name change attributed to this. However of course with a few of the allied races you can RP differently as being raised prior or died prior to the events of BfA that may create different perceptions of the character on the rest of their people.

The Dark Iron for example been around for quite a while, even with the Alliance for longer than BfA as well. Any number of points they could have died and been picked up by the Ebon Blade as suitable fodder to be raised.

Kul Tirans, involved throughout the wars and history of EK and hell can just RP them as a big humie from another kingdom. It’s not like Kul Tiras has the monopoly on muscles.

Zandalari as well have been around for quite a while but notable presence in the rest of the world include during the events of the Cataclysm and Pandaria with Zul’s plot which gives a unique angle after raised. Of course there were some Zandalari in Northrend in Zul’drak as well based out of Zim’torga. There is another point they could have entered the ranks of the undead.

Nightborne, Void Elves, Lightforged, Vulpera, Mechagonian mechagnomes. They are all of course Legion/BfA points of encounter and thus time to have died in battle or whatever and then be picked up by the Ebon Blade as we know they have been doing that since Legion.

Mag’har you got both routes. Ones from the alternate Draenor during fourth war or the old Outland variety that have been around on Azeroth since TBC/Wrath era.

Mechagnomes, you could argue they were a normal gnome that in undeath sought to find their own technological means to overcome any decaying weaknesses of the flesh in their own eyes.

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