Never roleplayed before

Hello Argent Dawn. I am looking to start to Roleplay and was wondering what the do’s and do not’s are. Also perhaps some safe concepts to start to RP so i am not out of my depth.


Hey there! A good place to start is guides like this:

as for what concepts, it depends on how you RP it. id say for someone new to RP id say avoid anything overly complex or with a lot of heavyweight. for example, as a new RPer, perhaps playing a high ranked member of the Black Harvest that has served on Argus during the war against the legion, might be a bit of a too larger than needed mantle to wear.

Being a Forsaken Warlock trying to find her place in the horde when your own leader as literally spat in your face and told you you are worthless, that would be an easier way to get your feet wet, as it were.

what kind of things have you considered?

Edit: for context, I don’t mean literally, Sylvanas came to you and spat in your face. it would be best to avoid having interactions with lore characters as its a whole can of worms. I’m referring to the 2nd Siege of Orgrimmar cinematic where Sylvanas shows that she never actually cared about anyone but herself


First, Welcome!
Second, what sort of char do you enjoy or think it would be cool to rp?
Third, install trp 3, crossrp and listener.
The guide will tell you the rest.


Hello there, it’s good to hear that you’re seeking to start Roleplay! On AD new Roleplayers are quite welcomed often.

About do’s and don’ts. I’ll start with the latter:

ERP, standing for Erotic Roleplay is something to be avoided, given this game being pegi 13 and minors are involved, therefore forbidden by ToS as well.

Goldshire is an area filled with above (With Warmode off I should mention) so you may completely avoid it.

Always keep in mind that IC is separate from OOC (Out of Character) so like, when a character aggresses yours, it’s only the characters, not players. And vice versa.

And some do’s:

Spatial channels, aka /s, /y and /e are reserved for IC (In character) messages, so should be kept to them.

An addon would be often needed for RP, and Total RP3 is the most common one to create a character profile. Zagkush mentioned Cross RP and Listener which are very helpful as well.

For concepts, I recommend to start with something simple as you enter the frey, so the character progresses as your learn more. The Simpler, the easier, mostly. :slight_smile:

Finding and joining a guild which interests you can aid and help you get into the scene too, mostly; with people being there for you and guiding you.

But then, as people said, among races, classes and themes of wow, what does interest you more? Feel free to share your thoughts and we’ll suggest concepts.


My idea is maybe perhaps starting of something that is a young adult ie squire,Peon or maybe an apprentice mage though this could be tough.
The races i do like are:
Human i feel they could almost be what ever that want.
Gnomes as they seem inquisitive and i guess might ask a lot of questions.
Tauren as I feel they are the closest thing to native american Indians.
Blood Elf always raided as a mage and the Lore i know seems interesting.

Also with Shadowlands up and coming i feel a Death Knight would be interesting. Perhaps one that is newly risen if i my understanding is correct that is what happens.

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For your first character I suggest starting with a simple “class” like warrior (a knight, figther, something like that) instead of death knight and a vague character background instead of a fully detailed one

Make your character’s personality the main aspect instead of background information and history – f. ex. w/ Morsteth I ask myself how would this absolutely insane and evil man react to this every day situation and then role play it out

Of course a character’s history and the circumstances of the RP setting matter and the character itself can (and should) change over time but start simple

And join a guild (!) that has been around for some time to help you, the post below contains a long list of guilds that I know will help a new role player out


Then i would recommend coming here

Lots of RPers get there feet wet in Stormwind, should be able to find a guild that can give you a home here!


It is always best to start with a simple concept and build off that. Start small and do some scouting in areas.
For Stormwind, the Cathedral district and Lion’s Rest are prime RP spots.
For Orgrimmar, the Valley of Honor is the RP spot.

Get the addon ‘TRP3’ so you can see people’s profiles and just test the waters.
Also, if you have questions, whisper people.
Try to avoid speaking OOC in /s. Whispers are more than fine.

If you are interested in role-playing a death knight, hit up the Ebon Onslaught. Our guild leader is currently working on a guide on how to role-play death knights and you are more than welcome to get some tips if you are around.


A good way to create a character is to begin with their flaws and build from there. A flawed character is an interesting character, so find weaknesses that your character has based on their history, class and race. Once you have these, start building them up with their strenghts. Example could be:

  • A dumb brute of a warrior that has no understanding of magic, with questionable levels of intelligence. However has always trained his/her entire life, making them really physically strong and able to lift weights that a mere man could dream of.

Simply a character that doesn’t know how to handle magic and things that require intelligence, and solves problems by smashing them. Doing some research in character development for stories is a great way to learn the basics, and give a good idea on how to create your characters background history.

A good idea about your character is to think how they can enhance others experience. The example above could happen to come into a duel with a mage, and be utterly destroyed because the fundamental weakness of magic. The opposite could occur of the said mage need help with some heavy lifting, and the brute does this by lifting double the amount etc.

Letting your character develop with others around you will also improve your character, and can sometimes let your character overcome their flaws, because those around know how they did it.

Take inspiration to make things easier. You don’t have to make a carbon copy, but being inspiried by a character in a movie/book/game can give you great fundamentals. Sort of a falling back point when you need to get your character defined and how a person of that personallity would react in certain situations.


I started rping as a warlock a few months ago, I think it was 3 months ago if I’m correct and you shouldn’t be scared of it, don’t be afraid of mistakes, just be aware of not abusing /y or caps, try to keep things simple first and leave OOC out of /s or /e, don’t go for a complicated background because that will make things worse is always better or at least for me let things flow, keep everything IC and let the plot grow by itself.

If you need someone to rp with because you aren’t confident enough I’ll always be happy to help and trully the best way to experience rp is with a guild, so when you find someone that you know that you’ll like, just join them, you’ll be surprise how much they’ll be willing to help you.


Peon RP gets stale quickly. An apprentice mage/squire is a good base concept.

All of these seem to be good choices but I’d recommend humans. That allows you to RP an apprentice mage/squire and you have access to the largest number of guilds/hubs and humans are not so much limited by a small number of archetypes.

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The squire one also sounds good imo.

Right, I overlooked that.

I wholly endorse the apprentice mage concept. It’s where I started with this character and can be a great way to learn stuff both in character and out of character at the same time! I thoroughly enjoyed my progression from apprentice to… not-apprentice :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll second an Apprentice Mage, Sathie started as an ambitious amateur and has evolved into quite the potent sorceress over the last two years I’ve been playing her. I’ve felt a real sense of development both in her skill level and her as a character (going from somewhat meek yet curious to downright malevolently ambitious and confident).

Generally speaking starting at the bottom and slowly crawling your way up is the best sort of RP you can do, since it provides a sense of progression and opens up a lot of paths for taking your character down. Being in a guild that has members who get that concept is just the best thing in the world, seriously.


Just to second this, we have an entire section dedicated to new RPers with resources from lore, addon links and beginner guides! Everyone is super friendly ^.^
I agree with what others have said about an apprentice or a squire being a good starting point, as it gives you a ton of room for character development! Also, humans are a pretty good race to start out as - Stormwind is probably the biggest RP hub on argent dawn (RP hub - place where people RP regularly, you’ll never be alone in Stormwind!) and humans don’t have any crazy background lore to get your head around.
I saw you also said mage, and I can see an apprentice mage gnome being a really good concept as well! People can sit here and tell you dos and don’ts all day long, but at the end of the day, go with what you are interested in doing - and if you fail, its an opportunity to start over and try out something new :slight_smile:

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