**New Destination - Silvermoon - Casual, friendly, heroic raid (1 night) and mythic plus guild LF the right people to join.**

New Destination - Silvermoon - Casual, friendly, heroic raid (1 night) and mythic plus guild LF the right people to join.

We’d like to expand our roster with the right people for M+ and S3 raid. We will consider all roles.

It’s most important to us that we get the right people in so I’ll try explain a little about what we are and what we aren’t - warts and all - so you can decide if this is something you are looking for.


  • First and foremost we play for fun, we don’t like drama and so being pleasant and reasonable is essential
  • We probably have about 15 or so regular players in guild at the moment and most of us have played together for a long time (since vanilla) tho we do have some more recent joiners. We also have some friends outside guild who will raid and dungeon with us at times.
  • We have players from multiple countries and backgrounds - we are largely an older bunch tho have nothing against younger members - we just don’t like idiots
  • Most members have other responsibilities - partners, kids, jobs etc so we play when we can (tho probably more than we should). Probably fair to say there is a mix of people who jump on occasionally and those who are on a lot. I’d say most activity happens in evenings but some jump on for solo content and occasional M+ some daytimes
  • As with a lot of wow players - activity tends to fluctuate with people generally super active in early releases and a bit of a tail off as content gets a bit old, but most people stick around a least to do M+ etc. Occasionally people take breaks and then come back, that’s fine.
  • Just read this back and despite it sounding like I’ve written a work memo we aren’t super serious - we do have a laugh.


  • We will raid heroic 1 night a week - Tues night from 8uk time for 2 to 2.5 hrs
  • We are currently raiding hc, having cleared normal.
  • Attendance isn’t mandatory, people are allowed to sign when they can - but it would be good if you can be around more often than not
  • Whatever weird loot system Blizz throws at us really doesn’t matter - simply put we all just deal with it like grown ups and with generosity toward each other
  • We are casual and pleasant raiding is most important- that said, most of us play at a decent level, we all gear up and use appropriate consumables etc. Many members have, in the past, done mythic raiding and now choose a different life.
  • We will aim to clear normal and heroic each tier and for as long as I remember we always have done.
  • We use discord

Mythic Plus

  • Most of us M+ regularly and I’d say there are some runs most nights - if we have a few more people join with an interest in this tho it will help keep runs going
  • When people are on mains and have a bit of a progression mindset we probably get to like 21 ish keys. That said we have some players who do a bit lower and times when we are alting and offspeccing and we can be terrible :slight_smile:
  • Again, we try have patience, no drama and fun

Can’t think of anything else but if you have questions reach out. If it sounds like a good fit come chat and join us!



Hello, How can I get in touch to talk about joining ?

Hi there

Can message one of us on disc, try:

Waxy: waxyhide
Lee: lee7650
gim: gim#6233

Or in game on silvermoon.



Community link: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/XEKZxKBu7wO?region=EU&faction=Alliance

We are still looking for another healer (priest would be super) :grinning:

Hey ! You guys need an enhance shammy? Im also leveling a holy priest alt

yes we could use holy priest and maybe end shammy if right person and what I wrote above really works for u

We could use a healer - for raid and M+

Get in touch :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m a healer main and very interested. Looking for a new permanent home but don’t currently have any characters on Silvermoon. Would love to have a chat

Hey, thanks for reaching out. Ping one of us in game or on discord - details in thread above. Love to chat :slight_smile:

Very interested, but I would rarely be able to show up to raid if it’s not on a weekend. :frowning: Are you guys still planning on Tuesday night raids?

Hi, yes sorry it’s Tues nights at the mo