"new" healer LF guild

Hello everyone, i am returning player to the game LF a raiding guild

When i returned i decided to try something new, and i rolled a holy paladin and have decided to go from dps main to healer

Before i quit due to personal reason, my previous raiding experience have been Curve throughout most of legion and BFA, and in bfa i began to dipple into a bit of mythic aswell, which means i have raiding experience just not as a healer.

If you wanna have a conversation, or wanna ask some questions you can catch me on
Bnet: Bloodwhisper#2968


Disc: Madsen#0408

Hi Madsen,

Ive added you on Bnet as: Psykick06#2401

This is our guild recruitment post: [H] Draenor - <Big Pumpers Anonymous> - Experienced & Organised Guild - Recruiting for 9.1

Please do let us know if it interests you and look forward to speaking with you soon.