New Legendary Cloak and Corrupted Gear Preview

If I’d have my T3 still I’d doodle you a meme about that office meeting of Blizzard :

“I heard players hate AP. Any ideas, boys?”
Lady on the left : “We could add even more AP grind!”
Guy looking out of window : “We could like implement some story, few cinematics, perhaps add some remake of old dungeon - add distractions and something fun untill next expansion”
The team stares him and CEO kicks him out of the window.

What the bloody heck is Blizzard thinking “we know you hate AP, lets add double the resource grind”

And imagine prior legion game had none of it! Pepperridge farm remembers!


From what I’ve seen the scaling is fine but being with a party makes everything more convenient

you can rez your mates at the cost of your sanity in party for example. In solo if you die or run out of sanity it’s game over. Most utility tools should be usable in visions in one way or another so having more of them will just make the run smoother.

For example you could try cheesy strats like splitting your party in two to clear both sides at the same time to save some traveling time (you loose some sanity every second on top of the mobs abilities)

Definitely more challenging solo, but Imo quite a few classes will struggle in solo visions. At least early on before the gear and research makes everything irrelevant.

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I have 3 Locks - will their soulstones still work?

That’s a good question, to which I unfortunately have no answer.

My guess would either be “no, use the rez tool they give you” or “yes, but at the cost of your sanity if you have any left” but I didn’t try the visions with a lock in my party

At least in solo you’ll be expelled before using your soul stone as you don’t really die, you get expelled at 0hp \ sanity (ain’t a die animation, don’t think you can rez in that state)

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Yay a legendary cloak …again :poop:

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Don’t play with retards. Check their corruption level and if you know you can’t handle it just tell them to lower it or leave. Easy :wink:

Didn’t you get one in MoP? You sound so happy I feel for you …

I’m a old returning player.
Stopped playing when the Garrosh raid arrived.

Returned in November. :stuck_out_tongue:

Judging from PTR, quite the opposite, mobs scaling is broken with more people as it gets much harder.

There are pros and cons to doing solo / group, but it depends on your class really.


Will be with my Demo Locks and hopefully healer friend… guess I will find out soon haha

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Will the ability to obtain this legendary cloak be removed at a later date?

I’ll just get the cloak for the appearance unlock and the +1 legendary achievement. I’ll not bother with the whatever grind any more than I did with the artifact power or azerite. It’s nice being indifferent about it, I feel kind of sorry for everyone who feels they “need” to do it.


Hope not, that was one of the dumbest things about MoP …

In my 60’s … and blunder on regardless … I guess we’ll get the hang of it eventually.

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I hope so too, if only because it would be nice to sit down and “complete” the game one day when my bones are old and tired.

Also tragic events in my life pulled me away during the end of Pandaria and I missed out on the cloak so close to getting it, was a pain!!

I think the quests/storylines should remain intact even if they no longer award the legendaries that would be fine.

shakes fist at Ordos


There is nothing more that I hate about the actual game than the infinite grind of anything without knowing when it will end …pls add back the questchains and not this retarded grind games doesn’t feel fun anymore I don’t feel like even logging for raid anymore u can’t even chill on ur alt without having to grind some stupid ap mop was actually the last good xp except for the dailies if u make people feel forced to do anything it will make the game not being a game anymore and instead a chore,bring back the talent trees gliphs etc and not this useless brainless grind

I fixed that for you, young devout. We shall meet our master with only the best equipment, and in the hour of the last confrontation, we shall turn on our kind, and slaughter anyone who dared stand against our master! All eyes shall be opened.

Not yet. Just 5 more minutesssszzz…

I dont mind the grind that much but I dont like that I can only do so much per week, im going away tomorrow for four weeks so il be behind when I get back with no way to catch up.

Yeah well about that…

That seems like you definitely have “a way to catch up”.

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