New Player LF raiding guild (Heal 0/10 Normal :D) - Agent Dawn


About me:

I am a returning WoW player. The last time I played was 10+ years ago and at this time I was not raiding all to much either.

I am inexperienced, but that doesn’t mean I am a bad player. I learn fast and play alot so I think I will be a good contributon to any guild in some time.

When you get to know me, you will learn that I am very patient and a good team player.

What am I looking for?

A guild. Some folks I can do raids with, do other PvE with , and making some friends along the way.
It is more important for me to enjoy the people i raid with then doing the hardest content without fails. I played enough LoL to expierience my share of toxicity :D.

Ask me anything you would like to know. You can also contact me ingame “Balmysea”, since I am quite addicted atm I am probably online ;).

Server - Agent Dawn
ILvl - 186
LFR 10/10

Hey! What server are you on and what sort of level are you currently at? :slight_smile:

I updated my Post with the server and some stats if there are other things you d like to know, please ask.

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Please add me on Discord.


Hey Balmysea,

If a realm change is in your options, have a look at [A][Eonar][5/10 CN(h)] <BEAST> Join us in 9.1 for Sanctum of Domination. No raiding experience? No problem :-)

A lot of our raiders started with no experience at all as well.
In BEAST you can advance at a pace you like most, all the way up to heroic raids

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hey, thank you for the offer, but a realm change is currently not an option for me.