New player LFG

Hi, I’m a new player who is looking for a friendly and social guild that does PvE, PvP, raids and dungeons, and also will help me learn and level up. I play on Ravencrest right now, but I can start over on any relam, and I prefer playing Alliance, though I wouldn’t mind playing Horde if I find a good guild.

Hi there Torrey,

Maybe I can interest you to have a look at our guild. All the details can be found here: [A][Blade's Edge/Vek'nilash/Eonar/Aerie Peak/Bronzebeard] BEAST looking for starting players

I wish you a joyful new year :slight_smile:

Hi we are a new guild looking for members, we are on Genjuros [A] you can pm Jada or join our discord

A newly formed guild, raiders with SL 10/10 HC if you like to be part of a core team progress towards CE. We are looking experienced people in the new raid. We are in need of HEALS/RANGE DPS! ch