New player looking for guild

Hello fellow forum dwellers, I started wow recently (although did play a bit at classic launch). I am interested in all aspects of the game like pve, rp, pvp and would fancy a social, kinda casual guild even on either faction that still partakes in all forms of the game.

Excited for SL!


Looking for a guild,huh? A guild "Might do stupid stuff" has an answer for you!

Check us out ! :wink:

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Hello Mogu! Welcome back to Azeroth. We’re a small guild on a quiet realm that’s slowly growing each day.

Maybe have a look at it?

Hi Mogu, welcome to Azeroth!

Our guild, Braveheart, is based over in Argent Dawn (Alliance) and recruiting casual players for Shadowlands (including M+ dungeons, roleplay and social events). We’re very newbie-friendly and would love to show you everything that Azeroth has to offer!

Check out our recruitment thread here for more information or you can add me on (Hystericxl#2223) or discord (Hystericxl#3376) if you’d like to chat! :relaxed:

Hi Mogu,

I am Thorck, guildmaster of BEAST on Eonar.
Our (alliance side) guild tries to connect new and experienced players to enjoy and learn the game together.

Interested? Have a look here for more: [A][Blade's Edge/Vek'nilash/Eonar/Aerie Peak/Bronzebeard] BEAST looking for starting players