New Player Looking For Guild

Started playing couple weeks ago, got my paladin to level 44 so far was considering purchasing shadowlands after im done levelling and possibly using the boost on a warlock, thought i best find a guild soon if im to do all the raiding and what not eventually right? warning i am pretty clueless on the whole game to be honest as levelling teaches you next to nothing other than clicking accept quest.

Hey Buddy! I’m the GM of Noobs with Keyboards (NwK), just here to drop off some info about us, if you ever come over to the Horde! :slight_smile:

We are a newly created social Guild with semi-hardcore aspects. We treat our Guild as a safe space for players of any skill level and experience. We do current content activities, where we can, such as current content raiding, and M+. We also run old content for achievements, transmog, mounts and pets, and more! We also try to arrange some form of Guild event once a week :smiley: . We are on EU Draenor

Here’s the recruitment post for you to look through, if you like :slight_smile: If you have any questions please feel free to add me on Discord: Dan.#9870