New Realm Connections are Underway

There will undoubtably be a ‘Why are the servers down for so long’ thread.

I also predict several whine threads about it as well.

I’m looking forward to good news here too. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

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In connecting Chinese/Korean servers with other ones, there may be legal issues as those 2 regions do require government ID from the respective country to make an account there, if there weren’t such issues im sure blizzard would have unified Korean and Taiwanese servers a long time ago, especially since they share the same calendar for in game events.

The other 3 regions (US/EU/TW) don’t have this, the issues hindering those mergers are more likely economic (take TW for example where you can buy gametime by the minute and expansions aren’t even a thing (the CE extras are sold seperatly but you dont need to buy the BFA to level to 120). I dont think they want to export this monetization structure outside of Asia as im sure they make a decent amount off expansion sales, and me paying my 3.5€ for 30hours gametime every few months is surely less profitable than collecting monthly subs.

You can however even play on a region with a wow client of another region provided they are updated to the same patch (save for EU servers that restrict Korean/Taiwanese clients).

I think there are 2 problems they would have to overcome to merge regions:

  1. US and EU both share to a large degree the same realm names, for cross realm functionality to work without issue, the realms need to have different names. I think this might be why they when they made wow classic, no server name was used twice (except in china region)

  2. Pricing, subscription prices (wow token) etc are priced way differently between regions and as such the servers ended up with very different economies, even if you can buy the majority of services from whatever region some things remain restricted when your bnet is of another region from your wow account, namely tokens and 120 boosts (which puzzles me because you could buy 110 boosts without issue from outside of region).

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Sooo, there was an update in english on russian forums stating that the connection has been delayed, it won’t happen today and they don’t know yet when it’ll happen. So, so far, we have 1 out of 4 successful connections in eu, we’ll see tomorrow if americans get luckier.

@Esploratore: That is not good news. :frowning:

@All: New announcement…

Please Blizzard Ghostlands need more horde players

Yesterday said that when dealing with support you have to remember that “the people on the other sides are just human too”. But at some point this level of incompetence isnt just some human error anymore.

Three weeks ago they announced new connections. Which realms? No info.

Two weeks ago they announced the first connections. They failed partially. Guilds missing members, auction items disappearing, non-stackable items like mounts were duplicated, characters gone.

One week ago they announced nothing. Total silence EVERYWHERE about this topic. I only found a tiny post in a remote forum section about the guild issues being resolved. They werent.

Yesterday they announced long maintanance because of pre-shadowland stuff coming that we wont notice. Nothing about connections.

Today I asked under the announcement of the maintenance about the lack of news about connections. They replied with a link to an update but the link went to a complete seperate new thread (which they constantly reprimand players for) instead of the one being used for 19 days now.

Todays announcement is the connection of four realms.

  • one low pop and a medium realm (makes sense)
  • one of the LARGEST realms of the region and a low pop realm (makes absolutely no sense at all)

And we are just shaking our heads, every week. My best guesses make me depressed… this… whatever the heck they are doing.

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Tarren-mill was connected to Dentarg not because it needed Dentarg to have a healthy population, but to help dentarg, I imagine the same is true with Echsenkessel-blackhand. you also have to consider for the server mergers that for a server to merge it needs to be with a server thats in the same CRZ pool of realms, and of the same type. There aren’t many German servers at that data centre that house those 2 servers, so all things considered the backhand-echsenkessel merger actually makes a lot of sense. (im assuming that’s the one your referring to)

Edit: for reference the other German servers at that data centre are : Eredar, Antonidas, Frostwolf, Aegwynnm proudmoore, and alexstraza, (Also Die Aldor but that’s RP) given those options how would you connect the servers?

Yes, thats the one Im refering to.

Yes, they need to be of the same type.
Im not sure about realmpools. Havent heard that term in years. I thought it went away with CRZ.
Yes, if the small realm had only those available to merge, I would CONSIDER it.
No, I wouldnt connect one of the biggest realms among the first connections. I would connect some of the nearly 30 low pop realms first before I do anything with one of the biggest realm of the entire zone.

@Zasz: The reason pretty much has to be similar than the old grounds were for the Dentarg - Tarren Mill connection in the distant past. Dentarg was tiny, Tarren Mill was big, but not quite as massive as Draenor or Silvermoon.

In other words, Blizzard is at least trying to aim for larger populations. Small + big is “quicker” than small + small + more smalls…

EDIT: Also, the smaller partner is already a 3-way (Echsenkessel / Taerar / Mal’Ganis).

battlegroups aren’t a thing but EU/US servers are still hosted in about 3 different locations, and they aren’t going to connect servers that are hosted in different locations.

you can test it out yourself make a toon on backhand now and one on Echsenkessel and chances are you will get the same ping, try the same with a toon on Blackrock (just using that as an example) and you will probably see a difference in your latency depending on where your located, its probably not more than 10-20 ms difference but its the different between a server being hosted in Paris or Amsterdam (not sure but the IP address from that group as far as I can tell traces back to the Netherlands anyway)

Damn it, that is insane news!

Unfortunately I got very unlucky with these connections, so far every single realm connected I play on was also connected to another I play on, that doesn’t help my goal of being on every realm…

But also the size of blackhand makes this really unexpected, at this point pretty much every realm risks a connection, example they could connect al’akir to draenor potentially, hordes are happy and goodbye to the alliance on al’akir, I’m not saying they’re gonna do that or that’s a good idea, but potentially, size-wise, this wouldn’t cause queues, cause al’akir is so small in comparison to draenor.

Ahaha, this is getting hilarious at this point!

These are the american forums:

“Due to unforseen technical issues, we have to reschedule today’s connections. We will do that as soon as possible.”

Unforeseen? So far the success rate has been 16,6% per attempt!

@Esploratore: Tragicomic springs to mind. I saw that. :frowning: Also, I have unconfimed rumors that the Blackhand + 3-way connection might also have failed. I actually posted on that on German forums just a few moments ago. :frowning: Do you happen to know, if the Blackhand + 3-way were actually offline this morning as well in addition to yesterday?

Agree about tragicomic!

And nah, sorry, blizzard didn’t give a precise time-table, so I didn’t check tonight cause it could’ve happened, and could still happen, all the way to the next reset, so I wouldn’t say it failed yet, we’ll just have to see if anything happens by the end of the lockout.

I don’t get it how were they able to connect servers 7 years ago but not now? Did they fire all the good people or somthing?

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Yes, I think this is part of the problem, they fired a lot of people and some of them had the knowledge for the connections.

They managed a realm connection this time around btw, aman’thul-anub’arak, but with problems related to mail and guilds, which I have no idea if they’ve been fixed, as I’m not a serious player on those realms, as a casual who isn’t selling stuff in AH or raiding it doesn’t affect you.

So they have succeded in connecting aman’thul-anub’arak?

Yes, like I said there’s been problems with guilds disappearing, items disappearing or duplicating from mailbox, and as a non-raider or AH player there I have no idea if they solved those, BUT the connection is done, if you log aman’thul you will find people from anub’arak on who, in AH as sellers, in trade and so on, and viceversa.

It’s now marked as high pop at all times, before connection was low for aman’thul and medium anub’arak.