New Realm Connections are Underway

If you gonna keep adding realms then can you disable the whole faction tagging mobs atleast on PVE realms? I rather not have any more realms connected then having to fight for mobs with even more people from the opposite faction


Im glad i started fresh on Draenor now instead of staying on 2 of my dead realms, should really consider splitting up big realms into 4 realms also and then connecting them to each other to balance the load, while connecting all the dead servers with big realms while at it to.

@Brogash: Realm connections do not negatively impact opposite faction tagging, because that feature does not care about which realm the opposition in that particular CRZ shard comes from… and Blizzard can not disable the CRZs, because they act as a load balancing tool for the really big realms. What Blizzard could and possibly should do is adjust which realms belong to which CRZ groupings, but generally speaking more connections would be a far better option as that would actually increasingly limit people in CRZs to one’s own home realm(s).

True, it wouldn’t matter if another server is connection to my own, because I got the whole lot of Draenor anyway tagging stuff, despite I’m not directly connected with it. But only sharded with it causing all sorts of issues.

So blizzard, please resume the server connections please!

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This is also defined by location and locality constraints… it doesn’t matter if there is 50 servers or a single server in a pool, there is really nothing more blizzard can do other than physically move servers around, and while this is probably less detrimental in EU where the data centres are relatively close together, some people might pick their server based on latency and wouldn’t be too happy to see it moved.

Beyond this any faction imbalance is natural… its impossible to get a 50/50 split because the player base isn’t 50/50 in any given locality. The war mode bonus is intended to mitigate this but on most servers horde just happen to be the majority while RP servers tend to skew alliance. Blizzard cant and shouldn’t connect these servers together via CRZ for obvious reasons so you will have imbalances.

I somehow don’t want this thread to be closed without any official statement. Or did I just miss any news?

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You’ve missed nothing.

Blizzard has said nothing officially since a while before they quietly unpinned this topic. I think that if they are planning to come back and finish the work, they won’t announce it until their online Blizzcon next month at the earliest.

But at this point, I don’t think they will. Shadowlands is probably a higher priority now, so those of us on small servers will just have to make do with our ever-decreasing populations…

Yes, I’m possibly being overly pessimistic, but that’s what months of Blizzard ignoring our questions has caused.

Hey blizzard, when are you actually connect more realms huh? Or even just merge them seeing as you have the server tech to hold more players than ever before.

Oh wait you won’t because you will lose out on server transfers.

So greedy.

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Hopefully they might say something in Blizzcon about more merges .

Will you never continue?

They don’t care if your realm is dead, if all topics are locked in your realm forum with maybe 1 or 2 open threads more or less your realm is pretty much dead.

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People should submit it as a question!


Why not remove the boundaries all together and just make language based servers?

That way no dying servers and the high population realms could potentially be offloaded during peak hours leading to less of a disaster that the launch was for some high population realms like Draenor.

Unless there’s a technical limitation we’re not aware of ofcourse, but seeing that you’re tying low population realms together now i don’t see the problem / objection?

As someone who plays on a busy realm, there is no way Blizz servers can cope with that volume of players.

I think it would require a completely different way of things working than they currently do.

What i would imagine is that players get a temporary copy of themselves on the realm they get put on and that will be saved to database once you log out?

But i wouldn’t recommend offloading unto busy servers but offloading busy realms to low population realms to compensate.
Again i’m not their server technician or have no idea of the inner workings of their network code that handles client / server transactions.

So Connections did come up in the Q&A. The Shadowlands launch did end up taking precedence (Honestly understandable, although they should have given themselves more time for the connections), but they didn’t want to continue with the connections straight afterwards due to lessons learned from when they first connected servers (It was just before WoD, and they didn’t expect returning players causing queues and lag on the newly connected servers).

There was no mention of a new round of mergers being planned, just that they will act if they need to.

That’s all we got, more or less. I understand and can appreciate their reasons for ‘pausing’ (Their specific word) the connections, but I’m not satisfied in the least. It has taken forever for them to finally say something, and it’s not really of any real help…

I’m glad it managed to come up as a question, even if the answer was disappointing.


Such a shame, our guild cant take it any longer and currently looking to move realm. We’d hoped to be connected for soo long but nada. Player base has dwindled since shadowland release and currently only around 2k players (not unique) at its peak on our current realm.

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Just commenting to keep this thread, and a somewhat desperate hope, alive.