New Rp Looking horde guild (vulpera-rp)

Hi i am person who wants to try out rp but new to it.
I am looking to play a vulpera priest so i like to join a vulpera rp guild that is willing to teach me about rp to get better at it also open to rp with other people but beware i am new to it.
I can play most days/nights.

As a side note i do have some learning disabilities so i might be a bit slow picking things up.

Looking forward to hear from u!

Hello friend! I feel like the Dustpaw Caravan may fit the bill for you. They do trading, exploration and a lot of adventure roleplay! Also are in close-knit connection with the Sisterhood and the Bilgewater Battalion; thus we share a lot of events.


The Dustpaw Caravan is the best and friendliest Vulpera RP guild. A great place to get started on your Vulpera adventures in the World of Warcraft :sunglasses:


You’re more than welcome to give us a prod, we’ll be around Orgrimmar for a bit.
We have a market event in The Drag of Orgrimmar on Thursday too, so it’s a good time to stop by and see what’s going on.

thx for quick reply’s.
Yeah that sounds good i will check it out.


We look forward to meeting you.

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