New trinkets in pvp

Please note that several new trinkets coming in Ny’alotha (and one extant trinket from Underrot) will be adjusted as follows in PvP activities:

Lingering Psychic Shell

  • The damage required to remove Psychic Shell has been reduced by 50% in PvP.

Void-Twisted Titanshard

  • The absorb shield provided by this item is reduced by 40% in PvP.

Sigil of Warding

  • This item will be 30% effective in PvP.

Bloodthirsty Urchin

  • This item will be now 30% effective in PvP.

Lingering Sporepods

  • This item is now 30% effective in PvP.

It’s bad if you play a warrior, but it’s good for every one else that plays arena.

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Wouldn’t have nerfed the heal procc trinkets like sporepods outside of arena, this was merely useful for arms warrior, other classes like DH/DK and the fury spec will just result in overheals with this trinket, i rather have another dmg trinket, my sporepods did literally nothing for me in warmode or big bg zergs, maybe this synergizes to well with the new absorb shield tank trinkets in the new raid?

There are much better consumables that helps you gain hp back in warmode for example, just takes away some of your time to farm it.

Why not make this arena, only for Bloodthirsty Urchin and Lingering Sporepods?

Thanks for helping me to switch to mage, i guess. :smiley:

I only feel, this is taking away from the games diversity of how to play your class.

Is this change active now ? or it will be “online” when raid open up?

its active now.

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