Newbie looking for ukrainian guild

Hi everyone. I looking for a guild for my main char. Currently i have main char in ru realm but i want move to EU. I want find Ukraine guild for PVP/PVE content. My primary language is ru but i can speak ukrainian, btw speak english so bad.
I have a affli warlock, 198 ilvl. I will be glad to see everyone.
P.S - sorry for bad english.
My battle tags is eclypze#21666.


We are NOT a Ukrainian guild, I just wanted to say that there’s nothing wrong with your English :slight_smile:

Everyone is welcome to us at Sabotage. Good luck! <Sabotage> (Social, PvE, PvP) is recruiting! [H][Defias Brotherhood]

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hey, we are a ukrainian guild =)

p.s. sent you a friend request via b-net, cheers!