New(ish) players looking to join a guild

Hi guys,

My friends and i started playing the game last year when the pandemic started and now play this as our main game. Three of us are looking to join a guild to start progressing in the raid / pushing keys etc and would love some advice

We play on Argent Dawn so any advice for joining a guild on that server is appreciated.


We are open to recruiting new players and helping them progress through raids, however we’re on tarren mill, so it would be dependant on if transferring is a problem for you guys

It is something we have already been talking about, thanks for the feedback.

If the others decide a server swap is for them, can i ask what you guild name is?

Hey man, dont know if this is for you guys, but i`ll try.

Naked Ninjas is an old Norwegian guild from back in the days. (Played since vanilla) We are a bunch of total 7-8 people that resurrected it at the end of BFA, to play Shadowlands on Ravencrest.

!! We are only recruiting scandinavians !!

ATM we are only doing mythic+ dungeons, but we are looking to start raiding Normal/Heroic, as soon as we get enough raiders.

Were a casual bunch, very friendly, no haters here if u wipe us. Learning by doing!
It`s drama free, you can speak up if your unhappy with anything. Were a bunch of open minded players.

We are looking for mostly range dps, 1 tank or healer. But hey, if you are a melee, Don’t hesitate to contact :slight_smile:

We need you to be casual, drama free, scandinavian - since most of the talking will be on Norwegian in discord. We like to be well prepared for raids, even tho we are not “try-hards”. We will eventually go for mythic raiding when HC is down and we have enough players.

Look me up on disc: Memaw#8912
Or /w me (Alen) or Zeifie ingame.

Hi there Narrcissa,

Have you seen our recruitment post yet?

The same remark applies for our guild as Calstab already mentioned though.