New/Returning Resto Druid looking for a home

Hi all,

Thanks for reading my little ramble! As it says in the title, i’m an old time veteran (i mean old…old…old time) that hasn’t played in many years. I’ve decided to give Shadowlands a shot because it looks great, and i’m interested in the new systems. I used to play in some rather hardcore guilds back in the day, particularly Army of Darkness and Apex, giving me a good sense for raiding.

A little about me, I’m from the UK, im in my 30’s and I both work and study so my time is quite precious to me. I have and use discord regularly so there’s no need to worry about that, i’m also partial to a bit of banter.

I’ve created a new Druid for the expansion to be my main, ideally playing Resto as I love the idea of Mythic+ dungeons. I would also love to raid at a heroic level at least but happy to try for mythic as well. In my 2 weeks or so playing I’ve managed to gear my druid to 198 ilvl and i’m rather enjoying it i must say! I’m currently Horde but i’m open to faction and realm change if something interesting comes along.

I would like to find a small guild to play with. I’m not a fan of huge rosters as i tend to get rather lost and confused when 50 people speak at once :stuck_out_tongue: I’m rarely online in the day due to work and other commitments, but i tend to be far more active in the evenings.

If anything you’ve read seems interesting to you, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.
Thank you.

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Hello! We (Continental Breakfast - Stormscale) are currently recruiting.

Mostly for PVE M+ & Normal/Heroic raiding… raiding Wednesday / Friday, mostly 20-30 year olds from the UK.

Let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:

Hi Nawabo,

Thanks for taking the time to post here. Your guild sounds really quite a good match, given your age range and interests. Could you tell me a little more about your guild? are you guys raiding at the moment, and would you need me to heal or DPS? Feel free to drop your Btag and i’ll add you, or we can chat here.


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Hey Dromand, ideally heal :slight_smile:

Not much more to say really, we want to do do well in content but have a laugh at the same time. Sort of semi-casual but with the intention to gear up and play well

Raiding twice per week, pushing m+ in between with an aim to be clearing +15’s etc

Very small guild at the moment, only like 7-10 of us… but recruitment is picking up… looking to get around 20 solid members.

my btag is NateWB#2273 feel free to add me and have a chat

Also yes we are raiding, but pugging the extra numbers currently

Hello, we are in need of a druid resto, or boomkin (in case you wanna play dps).

Check the thread above, and let me know.


We are looking for a Raid healer:

Please have a look and let us know


Hi guys, thanks so much for posting here. I’ve had a look and it seems like both guilds are a little too big for me, i’m looking for something quite small and tight-knit. Thanks though!

Hey, If you dont mind migrating to Kazzak, we might be just what you’re looking for. We’re a small guild currently slowly growing to a 20-ish roster, at 5/10 n and 1/10h progress. We’re a mix of former hard core mythic raiders, semi causual mythic and heroic raiders, and a bunch of our friends from Classic wow who moved to retail with Shadowlands. Age-wise, I’d say the average is in the 30s somewhere with some members in their early 20s and some in their mid 40s. Very international with people from Scandinavia, UK, CEE and even Turkey. The plan is to clear HC asap while building the roster for Mythic progress and slowly transitioning into mythic, as people also get used to the more demanding raiding mechanics. So not promising any progress miracles, but definately a fun small community of grown ups (who can be incredibly immature come to think of it). Oh and, we’re looking for a boomkin or a feral, healer spots are currently taken. But as someone with a long history in wow, im sure you know how quickly that can change. Anyway, poke me if this sounds interesting. Thanks

Smaler guild on Stormscale :grin::+1:
You can chek in Guilds of WoW
Guild name United Maniacs

Thank you for your feedback guys, I really would want to play Resto i’m afraid. I’ve tried to DPS and it’s just too much for my small brain to handle i think :smiley:

hey we are a small guild most of use are late 20s and early 30s currently we are trying to build our raid team up for a 10 man we need 1 more healer and some dps if this sounds any good for u and u would like to chat more drop me a msg on discord DK-Reaper#8273 or Bnet on DKReaper#2381 heres our post for a little more info about us [LFM] [EU] [H] [draenor] [M+] [Raid] Relaxed social Guild recruiting


Our core is 10man atm, and we killed 10/10nm with them. So with another healer we will expand to 2 3 9.

Let me know

Hi Dromand. I’m the GM of a recently created guild on the Lightning’s Blade server. Currently we’re recruiting players so we can clear normal but our goal is to progress Heroic. At the moment we are in need of a few healers and few dps to finish our roster and begin clearing normal. We consist of players who’ve played as far back Wotlk and all of us have had raid experience before Shadowlands. Our raid approach is semi-hardcore.

What type of players am I trying to recruit to the guild/raid team? An above average team player, someone who likes this game and loves to improve and mixes well with the other players in the guild. We want the players to feel at home in the guild and can have clear communication with the officer team. By doing this we believe we will create a strong and successful raiding team.

If this sounds like the type of guild you are looking for don’t be afraid to contact me on discord should you want more information

My discord: tweaks#2829

Thanks for clearing that up for me! Just another quck question if I may, do you guys run m+ regularly? I’ve found they have become some of my favourite activities outside of raiding. I’ve never had a set team to run them though, I just wanted to check if there was an active m+ environment with you.

Thanks :smiley:


Yes we do, we have some groups doing about 8 -10 M+ 8 - 10 keys weekly.

We are all taking a small break for Christmas etc now, but there is always someone online to run some dungeons with.