Night elves: A happy ending?

Yes it’s Jakafo but on my Blood elf. I already have a topic going on my Void elf so I don’t wanna have too much notification.

Anyway it just occurred to me while I was leveling in Ashenvale as a Horde

There are three Night elves cities there that I focused on

  • Silverwing Refuge: it belongs to the Horde ever since cataclysm, but before that it was a Night elven city. You can even see dead night elf NPC’s like alchemy trainers and such.

  • Astranaar: still belongs to the Night elves but there is Horde air raiders attacking the city so the roofs and some of the floors have fire.

  • Maestra’s post: Half of the area is occupied by the Horde, the other half is occupied by the Night elves. The night elves are barely holding the ground and you can actually see night elf sentinels dying on the spot as the horde throw fire balls at the city.

What annoys me the most is that Taurens are participating in this mess of a fight.

This and Teldrassil, I’m starting to think the Horde are always being portrayed as the bad guys. I do hope in Shadowlands this changes with the new Horde council. And I do hope Night elves find that happy ending.


Blizzard are notoriously bad at rehousing the races that have lost their homes. I would love for all the displaced nations to their homes back.

There was a tweet from the Blizzard account saying trees can regrow so I don’t know if they eventually intend to return the Nelves to Teldrassil.


This can literally mean anything. But I doubt the Teldrassil tree will regrow. It looks so horribly burned. If that was the case the burned trees in Ghostlands would have been grown by now

The trees in Ghostlands are very different from a World tree.

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Hmmm true. Why is your Words green by the way?

I’m part of the MVP Programme


Someone said dire maul would be nice

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A beautiful place but horrible dungeon. Feralas is beautiful but it’s missing the purple that you usually find in Ashenvale and Teldrassil. Feralas is more green

What, they’re going to a massage parlor? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my main problem being a Nightelf, the fact that both Nightelves and Draenei are the two races Blizzard love torturing the most at any given opportunity they can find. At least with the Legion gone Draenei have finally lost their mean reason to keep suffering but if anything that has just made them focus even more on Nightelves.

You know, I would love to just be able to relax and enjoy being a Nightelf and to have a nice place like Darnassus to relax and have as my home and to not have any new Nightelf thing added to contain inexplicable suffering for whatever reason because Nightelves. Would be great. As at the moment the whole “play the game as you like” thing doesn’t work in terms of roleplay as I’m constantly reminded I’m apparently not allowed to be happy.

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And Gilneans


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remove ‘‘portrayed’’
horde=genocidal traitorous scum and if the developer/writing team was unbiased they would dismantle the horde like king varian promised if they act up again.

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King who? Ohhh the dead king. I almost forgot about him

horde exists by his grace. can rename horde to ‘‘King Wrynn’s bunch of spike inhabitants’’

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