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I am a 408 ilvl rogue, currently 1/9M in BoD who is looking for a guild to progress further into the new tier.

I can play outlaw or assassination as both specs are geared. I can also provide logs if needed.

Add me:


No longer looking for guild.



Officer from Salt Powered Robots Here

we are currently also looking to progress further into the tier and we are trying to fill out our Roster and so i am here now to see if you want to join our guild :slight_smile:

Here you have a Link to our Recruitment Post so that you can read if we are something for you. [H] Salt Powered Robots (9/9H) Casual Heroic Raiding Guild


Hey! We’re actually looking for a rogue at the moment.

We’re a mature HC and Mythic raiding guild called Ballmers Peak. Traditionally we’ve been focused on HC progress but in Uldir we also started Mythic progress but only managed to get 2/8 due to some dropping off the game. We’re currently trying to recruit more people in order to be able to do Mythic Progress as well. However, we definitely emphasize a good social environment over hardcore progression and most are new to Mythic progression.

We raid Wed & Sun 20-23 server time.

We’re currently 9/9HC & 1/9M (currently progressing on Grong) and also have many players who are interested in Mythic+

If you’re interested you can apply at https:// ballmerspeak .net and if you want additional information you can join our Discord https:// discord .gg/HJGBTBa for a chat.

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Hi mate,

We’re 3/9 mythic. We have a decent M+ team, with them being rated 1.7k - 2k.

Blah blah blah. Insert copy and paste here like others seem to do and every single post “we’d love to have you” “You sound like a perfect fit” etc.

Check out our site:

or have a look at our recruitment thread


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Hey buddy just sent you a btag request if you are still available id love to chat with you in person
Kind regards Phil Angelreeper

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Hiya, my guild are looking for DPS, feel free to check us out and add me to BNet if you want to chat!

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