No ranking from week before prepatch. on 3 chars

Been waiting for DAYS to get a reply to a ticket. just to get this:

Specialist Game Master Tuiken here to review your ticket. Sorry to hear about this situation regarding the honor that you have earned. I understand your cocnern on this however we are unable to view these honor calculations ourselves to verify if there is any missing. If there is something missing from when it was caclculated please submit a bug report. This helps the team gather more details but also ensure it reaches the proper team so it can be reviewed further. They also can see how a particular topic is impacting the community.

I get this was not what you had been looking for but we want to ensure the team gets the details needed to investigate further. Thanks for your time.

The team. The team. The amount of times i have heard about this team of yours. It must be a fantastic team looking at your forums.

You just keep taking and taking. And you give little to nothing but unwanted, or pathetic compensation in return. Like you took an entire week of my time there. Just to not give me what i should have gotten… and then when i ask about it, i get this… Like i am the one doing something wrong here.

I mean. I am so furious with you right now blizzard. I have trown money at you for 16 years. What in the hell are you doing? How can you run your business the way you are doing it right now? You dont care, i know this. But i once did, very much.

There was a bluepost 2 days ago saying that they understand the bug and they fix it this week.

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That post makes absolutely no sense considering that the calculation was supposed to happen before prepatch and the character copy. Looking forward to see how they fix it though.

Me too since I got a char waiting for a rank up too but not really caring about that anyways :smiley: atleast I can say if they done it or not!

They are going to fix it like every other pre-patch bug. By ignoring it.

-Blizzard 2021

They prefer to spend their resources on coding new microtransactions


Thank you, i missed that post entirely. when logging in today i did get the rank.

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