Not all main armor type rewards coming from removed quests are in the Wardrobe of ours characters


I’m writing this post in order to share with other player the issue I had, as they might be experiencing it, the information I acquire while trying to solve it and at the same time, to complain about the lack of resolution of it.

Some time ago I sold the Item: Breastplate of Bloodthirst (12757) reward of Quest: Breastplate of Bloodthirst (5068). I did it because after vanilla it became obsolete and I needed the bank space.

When transmog was introduced, I found myself thinking that would have been cool to still have that chest, but anyway what was done was done and there was no way to go back, so I made my peace of mind and moved on.

Afters some years, it popped on my YouTube page an official video released by Blizzard,introducing the wardrobe and stating that when that system would have been added, " login in a character will automatically add every items in they inventory bank or void storage as well as all the rewards from every quest that they ever completed to your appearance collections. "

After I watched the video I felt a bit confused because if what was stating was true then why the appearance of the Breastplate of Bloodthirst was missing from my wardrobe?

So I went to check if in the WoW FAQs there was something that would clarify why this issue was happening, and I found the Article ID: 44982(updated for the last time a month ago) that confirms the information on the video, stating

"Item Doesn’t Appear in Transmog Wardrobe
The following must be true before an item will show up in your Wardrobe.

- Armor must be the same primary armor type your character uses. This must be true for both learning the appearance, and using it for transmogrification.

- Your character must have been able to equip the original item.

- Only Soulbound items are added to your wardrobe.

Only items earned from quests and achievements are retroactively added to your wardrobe. Any drops that are no longer in your character’s inventory—and can’t be recovered using the Item Restoration service—will need to be recollected.

Check Wowhead for more information."
WoW Transmog Frequently Asked Questions
What about quest items?
A - Any quests that you did in the past or in Legion, if the quest presented you with choosing either an axe, sword, or shield, then the wardrobe will register all 3 of those items. So that that includes the one you picked as well as the ones you did not choose.
We know about deleted quest reward items being added retroactively. How about items that are crafted from patterns that are no longer obtainable?

A - Deleted appearances related to only the questing system will be added retroactively to the Wardrobe."

(Check Quest: Breastplate of Bloodthirst (5068))

From the information that Blizzard was providing me, times and times again it was clear that If you did a quest and the same was rewarding you with a piece of gear or a weapon that your character could equip, the appearance of that item is supposed to be in your wardrobe.

Even if were passed 3 years from the introduction of the wardrobe, and I was pretty sure that I wasn’t the first one to do so, I went and report my situation on the “report a bug” page, and while I was on it I noticed that at the bottom of the page there was a text saying:

"Reporting a Bug Restoration Requests If a loss of in-game property occurred in World of Warcraft as the result of the bug you are reporting, please submit a ticket to request restoration. While every effort will be made to verify and correct any loss experienced, restoration cannot be guaranteed."

As I was determined to solve my issue I tough to give it a try and I opened a ticket with CS explaining my problem with the wardrobe receiving the following reply:

“I can totally understand your request, I have to confirm however that not having the transmog for the item unlocked despite the quest being completed is intended. Said skin is intended to be unlocked only to players that physically have the item, or had it when the wardrobe was introduced a few years ago. Having the quest completed is not intended to unlock the transmog, and for this reason I have to confirm that your request is not something we can fulfill”

The reply that the GM provide me was clashing with everything that I had read on the internet until that moment. So I provided CS with the links for the official video and the article ID 44982 being sure that the next time I would receive a clear answer, but they replied with what I think it was a polite way to tell me that I was lying about the fact that I completed the quest Breastplate of Bloodthirst:

"With a few exceptions, it is correct that the rewards from completed quests should be added to the wardrobe, whether you still have the item in your bags or not. As such, I have looked through your account and can verify that Zioistvan on Crushridge and Zioistvan on Hakkar both have not completed the necessary quest. In order to ensure that this was not another misunderstanding, I also checked Blackout, Lapide, Chitemuort and Kynter. However, these characters have also not completed the quest."

After this reply I was kind of annoyed as I couldn’t see any other reason for the GM to check all the characters on my account and not just the character that actually did the quest, as they checked a warrior, a mage (created last year) and a rogue level 10 for a quest that was requiring level 57 and was rewarding a leather chest, apart to tell me that I was “lying”.

Being sure that I completed that quest ,I went to see if there was a way to check it by myself and I found a macro used for checking quests completion and applying it I discovered that my quest was actually “marked” as not complete.

If you want to check if a quest that you did is marked as complete you can do it whit the following macro:

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(5068))

Replace the quest number with the quest ID number of the quest you are trying to verify and once enter it into the chat window this macro will tell you “False” if you didn’t complete the same or “True” if you did.

So I performed a deeper research about this issue and I found other players that reported the same issue and I noticed 3 things in common in all of them:

The first was that the missing appearance were all rewards coming from repeatable quests, and apparently repeatable quest when checked always mark as " False ".

The second that all the appearance missing were rewards from quests that started from the object: Malyfous’s Catalogue (175927) and the quests were:

"Quest: Breastplate of Bloodthirst (5068) rewarding Item: Breastplate of Bloodthirst (12757)

Quest: Cap of the Scarlet Savant (5063) rewarding Item: Cap of the Scarlet Savant (12752)

Quest: Leggings of Arcana (5067) rewarding Item: Leggings of Arcana (12756)

(Please if you are aware of other rewards missing, coming from repeatable quests that were already present in game before the wardrobe system went live feel free to add them under this post.)
The third that this quests were removed from the game and so it wasn’t anymore possible to complete them.

To this point I contacted once again CS explaining what I discovered and they finally provide me a clearer explanation:

"When the wardrobe system was added in, It scanned your characters completed quests on its first login and unlocked an items looks that those quests rewarded, the only tracking for quests is if they have been completed any repeatable ones are tracked only for the lock out period (weekly daily quests etc) Once the reset happens for that quest its as if it was never done by your character, This allows the NPCS in game to know not to offer it to you again or if its one you can redo."

I still have doubt about this issue as until now I wasn’t able to find an official confirmation to the information provided to me by the last GM and mostly because if the same is true I do not agree with the way Blizzard advertised the wardrobe system because If the company was already aware about this issue from before, when the wardrobe went live they should have never stated that "login in a character will automatically add all the rewards from every quest that they ever completed to your appearance collections" or at leas, in the years they had from the launch of the wardrobe until now , they should have added a bullet point in the limitation reported in the Article ID: 44982 that could say something between the lines of “The Rewards of the repeatable quests completed before the wardrobe system went live will not be added to your wardrobe”

I think that is a company duty to fix its own mistakes and to right a wrong done to their customers, because if is true what CS states that there isn’t a way to add the appearances from obsolete repeatable quests, to the library of the players that completed them before they were removed, as this one aren’t "marked as complete" then, maybe Blizzard should start to think about putting this quests back in to the game or at least add an NPC that could sell replica gears of they rewards to the characters that did the pre-quest (in this case “Finkle Einhorn, At Your Service!”) instead of ignoring them and deal with them like they are liars or just crazy people. because from the players point of view a quest(normal or repeatable) is " completed " when they go to turn it in to the quest ender, choose a reward, if there is to choose one, and click on the button that say “Complete quest

While I’m finishing this post I’m unable to shake out of my mind the idea that the statement "login in a character will automatically add all the rewards from every quest that they ever completed to your appearance collections" was only a fake advertise done by Blizzard with the target of using nostalgia to convince old players like myself to subscribe again… or at least for some of us it was.

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