Older player looking for new home

Recently returned to the game and am looking for a new home. I like to raid but nothing to serious. I like to pvp and mythic plus but I aren’t s gladiator or a 15+ kinda guy.

I like to farm and play the auction house. I like to do old raids and dungeons. I’m social and chatty.

But as I’m older than most I would like a guild with people of a similar age… Just so I understand the lingo.

I guess I would prefer Horde but am open to any realm and faction. Its more important to me that the guild is built on principles like helping and non toxic.

Anyway if you wanna chat or post your guild advert please do. You can get me on yarddog10#2114 most days.


Hi Littlehammer.
You are welcome in my guild. Ravencrest / Alliance. We have activities for all.

:funeral_urn: Ancient Souls :funeral_urn: is a new guild on Ravencrest-EU. We are group of adults who enjoy their time in WoW as much as outside of it. Our goal is to build a community with main focus being mythic raiding with reasonable progress on schedule that allows us to take care of our daily lives as well as have fun in Azeroth.

We strive to create a positive atmosphere for anyone in the guild regardless of their aim in the game.

Our leadership has long time experience with raiding in some of the top 50 guilds of the past as well as mythic N’zoth progression in 8.3. Our estimate for Castle Nathria is
5-6/10M before next content patch.

Raiding Schedule:
Main raids:
Wednesday and Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00 ST

Alt raid (non compulsory)
Monday: 20:00 - 23:00 ST

You can also expect daily m+ runs of any and all difficulties as well as more social events, drunk raids and more fun during our offdays.

Whether you focus on raiding, mythic+, pvp or just want to have fun in general, you are free to join us and become part of our community.

Outside of the game we have very active Discord server as well as Facebook group, where you can get to know us and see who you’re playing with.

If you are interested in joining our guild, you will be asked to fill out a application form.

We look forward to meeting you in game.

Tathi :tulip:
Guild Master of Ancient Souls

Battle net : Tipe#2310
Discord : Tathi#8733

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Hello Littlehammer.

Your name reminds of the Netflix show lilyhammer. The show with the American mafia boss that gets hotness protection in Norway. Very good show.

Anyhow …

We at Faster than Lag could be something for you. Majority of the people we got are in the 30s. You haven’t stated how old you are but maybe this could be of interest to you ?

We aim to clear curve in every tier together with m+ during the week and other things we come across during the week.

You can read more about us here

I hope that you could be interested else please contact us on btag LFC#21212 should you have any questions or want more information about us.

Best regards