Omen [H] EU Emerald dream 7/8m


Omen is now recruiting.

Guild & Server: Omen [H] EU Emerald Dream/Terenas

Raid Times/Days: Wed, Sun, Mon 19:45 invites, 20:00 raid start, 23:00 raid end (server time)

Current Progression: 7/8M

Recruiting: 2-3 ranged DPS - any class considered.
1 healer, resto shaman or Druid.

Requirements: high attendance, discord, functioning computer, good understanding of your class and mechanics

About us:

OMEN was created in order to satisfy our desires to explore the endgame content World of Warcraft has to offer, all while having fun in a nice social atmosphere.
Ever since the guild was formed about 10 years ago we have been among the top guilds of the server and a top horde guild.
Our guild is made up of members mostly around 20-30 years old who appreciate social qualities such as maturity, tolerance, patience and reason;
and we try our best to abide by ideas and principles of fairness, kindness and mutual respect.
Though when it all comes down to it we are really just a bunch of relaxed people who enjoy a shared laugh as much as the challenges of raiding.

Please feel free to contact myself or one of our officers to apply.

Discord - Night#9630.


what night said :slight_smile:

Boomkin , Ele , Rogue 5/8M LF mythic raiding guild 2/nights a week !

Still looking for:

2-3 ranged DPS - any class considered.
1 healer, resto shaman or Druid.


Ghuun at 59% now


We are now looking for:

1 tank - any class considered.
2-3 ranged dps
1-2 healers, any class accept priest considered.

We would also consider a good melee dps of any class to.