Only 2 Weeks Pre-Patch?

Why are these people so out of touch?

I’m actually being honest and curious why someone thinks this is a good idea…


Because this way, more people will buy the boost in order to get all them alts up to speed. Yes, it’s stupid, but hey… Blizzard will cash in so they likely don’t care.

Would have thought that their statement “we’ll give more time than usual for prepatch” that was touted during BlizzCon to hold fast, I guess not.


you cant boost belf and draenei as in no boosting pallies and shammies in the other faction

Do you see me mentioning belfs and draenei though? No. Right then.

There are many of us that have been waiting for prepatch to get alts leveled up so they can chill with crafting to speed up various grinds.

I guess their whole “we’ll give adequate time” statements during BlizzCon was unreliable.


You will be able to boost your character almost 14 days before launch so plenty of time to do lvl 60, profession etc. Nice.

How are all these “I will be killing every boosted character until they stop playing” people going to distinguish who is a boosted character and who isn´t? That unfair for them :smiley:

omg blizzard im sick of your $$$$ greed.


Blizzard putting in mount people complain because tbc didnt had store mount.
Blizzard giving 2 weeks instead of 0 weeks in old tbc people complain because it isnt long enough.
People only want change when it suits them !

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There isn’t much of “new” content for the pre-patch and people are already over-prepared.

You can get in-game boosted really quickly and there will be a lot of boosting for Draenei and Belf. If “new” player joins and has no friends and find a helpful guild that would drop time and effort to boost then even with paid boost such player will be left way behind.

And it’s kind of “expected” that actual new player can just buy the deluxe edition that has a mount, game time and the boost.

So you want multiple crafting alts for free / easy mode? Put the effort or just organize large scale boosting in the guild. Organic leveling is sadly not a thing for Classic.

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Original pre-patched “Before the Storm” Launched December 5th 2006. TBC launched Jan 16th 2007. That was a long pre-patch.
With the devs saying “We want to give players enough time to level their new character and class combinations” in post-blizzcon interviews. It seemed safe to assume we would get a prepatch longer than 2 weeks.


the fact that triggers me most is that they even said it by themselves in blizzcon… “we gonna give em a big pre-patch so they have time to level their blood elves and draeneis” so ironic!

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This is a joke. I just read the news on this, including the “deluxe” edition with a level boost and a mount. F that. I’m not going to play TBC. Sticking to the vanilla servers only (which I hope will remain vanilla…)

2 weeks of a prepatch time with 2 new races coming, quite challenging leveling times, and massive class changes, when Legion had like 2.5 MONTHS and there was hardly anything to do.

F you blizzard. F you. A paid mount and a level boost for a “Classic” server.

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Exactly this. Me and my friend have been looking forward to leveling up a BE paladin the normal way. Now very likely won’t be able to catch up in time.

Don’t care about the MTX, but they could have at least given us a lengthy pre-patch as they told us they would. Disappointing.

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If the prepatch is only 2 weeks and I need to level a paladin on horde side in this period of time then I can tell you right now: I will cancel the 3 subs that have been running the past 10 years immediately.

If you give casuals no time to level the new races or classes manually and only open this game up for the elite no life small percentage of this game, then you will lose out on a lot of casual players.

We want to go into outland with our paladins and shamans from day 1, not mess around in classic content while everyone is leveling in TBC simply because we have no time to get 60 in 12 days.

You are already changing the base game enough for people to look the other way and find a different game, this on top of it only affirms that its only about the money (boosts).

I expect a 30-46 day prepatch, if not, then bye bye.

Kind regards,

A dissapointed casual with a family, kids and a life.

That’s your choice, just as it is for me to buy it. As always I’m still trying to see how it affects you if you don’t want to buy it.

Bye Bye.


Have fun playing this game with half the people

No pvp title from the old pvp system = camping initiated

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Original pre-patch didn’t let you make belf/draenei until launch date of Jan 16th so there wasn’t even the 2 weeks time to level those!

Of course it didn’t. The developers said they wanted to give players enough time to level the new race / class combinations in the pre-patch but now Blizzard are giving us the shortest ever pre-patch for any expansion. All so they can boost their subscriber count and earnings before Q2 end. Real Scumbag move.


Yeah it’s pretty rotten to drop TBC so quickly, delay it by a month at least and fix all the crummy bugs and exploits while you have the time.

You can’t, because fun fact: Mage boosting will be a thing of the past in prepatch. Say hello to AoE cap.

Besides, those boost are a cancer and reduces your likelihood to find people for dungeons or out in the world questing which ruins the whole social aspect that everyone so wanted.

Stop making excuses for Blizzard. They said a long prepatch to give people adequate time. This is obviously just an attempt to milk the playerbase of money.