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I have decided to make my Mag’har Orc my main during Shadowlands. I was Looking for an Orc or warband guild that is taking on new members.

Hey! If you’re looking for Orgrimmar Grunt RP with strong Orc themes Hand of Conquest might be just for you!

You can find the thread Here

Additionally you can contact either Me, Sokronal or Vanrosh/Keeroh ingame!


Can’t recommend Hand of Conquest enough! Amazing people, enjoyable interactions and a lovely community.

Not to mention 2 (two) of the current Sergeants are Orcs now, further being Orcish.


Strictly for the Warband scene, it’s dwindled a liiiiiiittle bit with the end of the ‘Fourth War’. While there’s still a few ‘Warband’ type guilds, Path of Glory is a strictly Pro-Horde Anti-Alliance Warband. They do take all races, though I understand a majority are Orcs.

If you’re looking more for a ‘Clan Experience,’ both Orcs of the Red Blade and the Iron Wolf Clan are a good place to shoot. While the Orcs of the Red Blade fit more of the traditional ‘Old Ways’ clans of pre-Outland Draenor, the Iron Wolves are a warband-turned-Clan built on a post-Garrosh world. The former is strictly Orcs only, while the latter allows Orcs, Tauren, Trolls and Vulpera into their ranks (no Elves/Forsaken). Both are fantastic groups to RP with!

There’s a number of multi-racial Clan guilds, the Frozen Paw Clan included, that do accept all races and types while keeping to the Orcish ways. Those three above are who I’d definitely recommend for a ‘Mag’har’ worthy run!


[H-RP] Orgrim’s Chosen Is a Pro-Horde guild seeking to throw back the Horde to a time prior to the end of Thrall’s reign as Warchief. If you like your RP with a bit more of a sense of realism and consequence for your actions then feel free to whisper me ingame.


To you I recommend…

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This !

[PCU] Grunt RP - Hand of Conquest 💪

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Thanks, Alryette. Much appreciated! The Frozen Paw have been great to RP with, as well. =)


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