Paid addon report

Hi, yesterday been trying to get one of addons listed on curse installed on beta however it did not work, so went on project github to report issue (there was some fake info on some website saying its working with beta).

And author said he has working version but will share it for $5 so as far as i remember thats violation of wow TOS (paid addons)

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Try contacting the addon maker and tell them.

I feel the addon maker may be joking.

Zygor has been going for over 10 years and they haven’t been told to stop yet.

Because addon itself is free, content for it is paid

Even it says on his patreon page: 5$ for working version

That does not make sense. If the data used in the addon is for sale then the addon is for sale.

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Yeah it doesnt but thats how they go around blizzard TOS

I don’t think the addon maker is in the wrong. The version that is meant for the live version of the game appears to be working and free and the author only solicits donations on his patreon page (even in the github issue).

It says in the addon rules thread:

“[…] however, such requests [for donations] should be limited to the add-on website or distribution site and should not appear in the game.”

I seriously don’t think that the addon developer should be obliged to provide a version for a beta of the game, especially since during the ongoing state of development that the beta is in you can’t possibly expect the author to keep up with development on live servers and beta version.

There is a version of the addon that you can download for free that works on live servers. That’s what the author provides to the public.

That there’s a preview version that only pledges have access to is a grey area at best to me. The pledge does not offer access to extended features or premium content (addons like Zygor and TSM do, even for their live versions, and Blizzard does not bother them either), it offers access to a preview version for a game not yet released.

I would assume that as soon as Shadowlands goes live, the versions on Curse and other addon repositories would be updated to work with the live version at no charge, but right now the beta is limited to a small pool of testers in relation to the entirety of the WoW userbase and I would not assume that this case falls under Blizzard’s addon rule.

Not a troll question but serious: if there’s an ebook reader app that is free to download, but allows you to purchase books to read on the app, does this mean the reader app is for sale?

dont even try going there

yes giving a part of lets say the leveling part for free and charging for the rest of the leveling IS a premium stuff (the " " in the tos aint there for no reason)

may it be because the player behind are often hardcore player like with with restedxp that give visibility to the game or just because blizzard dont give a damn … well nothing has ever hapened or will

zygor (and maybe other?) push it to the point you litteraly have to dl a client for the addon aside from the game file this make no sense to be tolerated yes that’s how it is

Please do not necro a 10 months old thread