Patch 8.3 - 15 January

For a newbie who returned recently, what should I do ASAP before the patch hits?
I’ve done Queen Azshara’s HC already. Anything else worth noting?

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Okay but where’s the patch trailer?

Usually major patches, especially the final patch of the expansion gets one. And now the most important one lorewise and the most exciting doesn’t have one? I was getting hyped only to see daddy n’zoth narrating the patch while showing visions of the black empire manifesting.

Should i give up the hope that they might release it later? Although they usually release it with the date announcement…

@Sphariou Any info on this please?

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We could have a year left of BFA we might have another massive patch yet :kissing_heart:

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Isnt this the ‘DKs for everyone!’ patch??

(I really want my Pandaren DK…like, yesterday!).

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Not gonna lie, i highly doubt it.

8.3.5 as a minor patch and then the pre-patch that includes all the shadowlands changes, sure i do expect it. But major patch is unlikely at least based on what Ion said like, after the Eternal Palace cinematic we will know who the final boss of the expansion is.

But either way, it’s still a raid patch and they usually get patch trailers :frowning:

I’ve done this with Aerythlea in the past with no issues. I’ll take my chances, patch trailer is more important than my forum suspension :joy:

I know i hope it might come later as i enjoy the cinematics too.

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What? What!?!


ehrmahgerd i’m so sorry I’m stuffed with a really bad cough and sore throat and my synapses have the firing potential of a damp squib. Taking too long to reply to things I’ve not noticed it was replied to ages ago.

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I cannot wait ! Such of fun !

I’ve had more fun being capped than I ever do having to grind daily.

I am not sure which content is more entertaining and exiting - more essences or more neck levels ? I cannot wait. What can be more fun than again get AP instead 2k gold bonus rolls, and extra 2k emissaries.

Aren’t you thrilled ?

They need to hard cap HoA at lvl 80. Just let us be finished with AP. Why put endless progression after 80 if it’s pointless? Gold would be much more useful to get than literally useless AP.

I believe they bowed to the backlash and the last trait is no longer and endless one. Instead they’ve changed it to something on the cloak.

The thread you’ve linked still has the endless trait which gives 2 ilvl per lvl though. So there’s still no hard cap. The only difference is that the corruption resistance stacking was moved to the cloak.

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Yeah I’ve clearly misremembered that part :frowning:

I really don’t get why they can’t let us be free with a hard cap.

I’m beginning to think that it’s some weird fetish of theirs.

If obtaining AP after lvl 80 is pointless and the ilvl gain is negligible, then why continue it in the first place? At least the extra gold instead of AP is actually useful.

Just give us the damn hard cap…


For two expansions I’ve not really had time to mess around and do chill stuff, I have detested the AP farm.

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