PCTs Temporarily Unavailable

I bet it is , and im sure they are giving their best to make pvp enjoyable , but it’s just impossible with that ammount of people

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ofc, i can’t possibly imagine the amount of testing they are dealing with to make pvp playable. just crazy

So… its not today. Because now its tomorrow. Thanks for another empty promise.

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I think this is better than what they did on twitter today

pls reply blizz

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they don’t give a single damn dude;(

Update for May 20 at 2:00am CEST: The issues affecting Paid Character Transfers continue to be investigated and we don’t know when they will be available. Thank you for your continued patience.

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@Bornakk: Thank you for the update and good luck getting things fixed!

Hey guys since blizzard wont remind you - i just paid for the transfer and its being processed now

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Thanks Mormand! It works now

Update: Guys I guess it’s working now. Says its being processed for 5 min.

Any update on this?

Hey Mormand, did you just make a character transfer between EU servers? Could you please share us your character screen that it is in progress? I am also trying to buy the service but it doesn’t show me that my character is on progress. In addition, it shouldn’t let me get the service since I have a character with the same name in the other server. I made this on purpose to be able to change the nick name. The system just tells me that its on process now. When I checked my purchase history in my account, I couldn’t see the character transfer purchase on the list. Therefore it really doesn’t work atm. How did you manage it? Could you please share it with us? Thank you.

Also raise the gold cap to 5000g as the follow blue post has clearly stated.

Yes Eredar, thats another important issue. My char has more than 2k gold, so the system shouldn’t let me purchase the service and give me warning that I have more than 2k gold. It also doesn’t warn me that I have to change the character name. Strangely it just says, it has been processing. Wtf?

I hope they let us transfer our characters with more than 2k and don’t victimize the people who spend hours for saving gold to prepare themselves for TBC raids and Epic mount etc…

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Yeah, I’ve around 5k and I’m not about to move from a server I’ll never play again to leave 3k behind, I earned the gold with my time and effort. I’m so deflated, demotivated, and disappointed after the blue post saying the cap was going to raised a week ago and it never happened.

I haven’t specifically saved for those reasons for TBC, just gold that I built up by playing the game in Classic. I bet they want people to boost a character on a server, give that character 2k, and then transfer it. There’s £35 for the boost + £19 for the transfer = £54! (edit: my math was bad there!) I’m really tired of the shameless and transparent schemes they have.

Wow if thats the plan, they loose thousands of players. Especially old players like me, playing since 2005.

I also played since 2005 although quit when the Panda expansion was announced (my god that trailer), and only resubbed for Classic. Problem is they won’t lose any significant amount of players, so many people are so soft and not caring it’s just depressing, and they know people will throw money at anything when they get them hooked.

Just to confirm, Paid Character Transfers are available in this region again.