PCTs Temporarily Unavailable

Nearly at the end of “today” and still no sign of character transfers :))))))

I need to wait in a 100+ minute queue to see if i can transfer my character.

It’s pretty fried that i can’t do this from the website like you could years ago - such a crazy downgrade.

Hope it wont be too long :frowning:

i guess tomorrow is 23:59 20. may 2021 :slight_smile:

guess its not today…

they are waiting until 23:59 to tell they are delayed again , they work like that , rather having a whole group of poeple sitting , waiting for the fix than saying the truth.
Just sad man

Can we get a further notice? Is it coming?

What a joke…

Anyone know is it coming today?


5 hours until PCT release judging from recent events

What u think it’s not coming today?

Well today was yesterday if you are in CET.

cba with this company , they dont deserve its playerbase , guess its hard to pay 1 guy 1000 euro to update players what’s going on , honestly i dont know what i expected from nowdays blizzard
btw someone remember when was the last time the payment platform was down? no right? nothing more to say =)


agreed. I heard today that there are 2 ppl in that whole company in charge of pvp in retail, can u imagine if it’s true?

I bet it is , and im sure they are giving their best to make pvp enjoyable , but it’s just impossible with that ammount of people

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ofc, i can’t possibly imagine the amount of testing they are dealing with to make pvp playable. just crazy

So… its not today. Because now its tomorrow. Thanks for another empty promise.

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I think this is better than what they did on twitter today

pls reply blizz

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