People kicking innocent players in Korraks

they don’t

seen it happen plenty of times

Im sorry its 1:30 in the morning im not getting into a debate if npcs do or dont yet toys work or dont believe w/e you want i have slapped them before and it worked for me goodnight.

whatever you say, because youre always right… in your mind :wink:

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No far from it actually and ive always openly said when im wrong or ive apologised .
But i guess you have read all my 1599 posts .

i have, very entertaining im a huge fan

but in this case youre wrong, but you said goodnight so… goodnight?

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Thats so nice to know thank you for being a fan and worrying about my sleep pattern but each time you reply it shows me and its always polite to answer.

i was once kicked because i was “afk” because i was walking to their south bunker with my rogue :frowning:

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The AFKer problem has gotten out of control. You have those wanting them AFKers out of the group and from what I read below… AFKers trying to get anyone out who is calling out there behavior. Sounds like a warzone in more ways than one.

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*checking map, sees ppl ontop of alliance base roof (since you can somehow see them IF they enter combat vs that evil evil tunip).

Me: Somehow, we can see the afk’er on the top of the roof atm, time to mass kick.

You have been removed from the group.

That happen while i was fighting a elite mob and a player @ IB tower (alliance side).

I did not get that 1 min “afk” debuff (had been insta removed since i was in a PvP combat), it was just insta kick after i typed that :frowning:

Still, kinda bad to know its only 5 ppl that need to vote someone out, when i have reported in chat so many time (%t is afk, class, groupnr).

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