Physical DF edition - what happens if i buy digital preorder to play on launch day?

I have bought a collectors edition and I just read that they are being sent on the launch day - meaning I will most likely miss the launch.
What will happen if I will buy any other digital edition? Will it get refunded when I insert the collector’s edition code? Please help, Did I make the mistake of purchasing the box?


As you will be playing it I don’t think you will get a refund as you technically get what you paid for…

I think the only time they refunded digital purchases was when SL was delayed…



I believe (I am not 100% sure about DF) that if you buy digital version now and redeem the code, you will get Blizzard balance coins once you redeem the second code from your collector’s edition. It was my case in Shadowlands, I pre-ordered physical Collector’s edition and bought digital code because of the delay with delivery of the physical. And once I redeemed my physical code, my account automatically detected another code already redeemed (my digital one) and they refunded the physical code with Blizzard balance which I used for buying another game time. :slight_smile: So if they are still using the same method, you should get your refund in blizzard balance.

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Yes this is in the blue post at the top of the page.

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There’s a blue post about that


nice - you will get money to spend only in game shop

so worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes sense to me, they already have your money whether you’re too impatient to wait for the CE to arrive or not, so they won’t give you a refund. But they can give you a coupon of sorts to buy something else from them later the make the deal a bit sweeter.

If you don’t like it wait patiently for the CE to arrive, or just don’t buy it and buy the digital version like almost everyone else.

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