Plaguefall Dungeon Temporarily Disabled

In order to diagnose and fix a bug making Plaguefall into a literal fall, we’ve disabled the dungeon.

We’ll let you know when we’ve got it fixed up and it’s safe to enter once again.

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Plss fix druids protector of the pack

what u mean literal fall??/ what did you do this time? some mobs give exp there? or some gold grind?? what fun beneficial to players are u ‘‘fixing’’ now?

Nice that you have seen the falling bug and disabled the dungeon but my character is still stuck in Plaguefall since yesterday and I only have a continuous loop of disconnects and cannot play the game. Are there any thoughts on moving the characters stuck in the dungeon? This is ultra frustrating…
PS: Stuck character service in the does not change anything. I just got ported to the dungeon entry and was falling again.


Game Menu → Support → Stuck Character Service

What about Court of Stars timewalking? one disconnect in there and the character is stuck forever and Stuck character service doesn’t work on that.

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My character has been stuck in there falling in a dc loop ever since the patch came out.
I’m unable to play the game, i’ve used the ‘character stuck service’ multiples times.
Nothing seems to work.
Quite frustrating…

Glad you disabled this dungeon.

Always hated it :slight_smile:

actually, I had the same experience where when we fail to uncover the dread lord, I disconnect, but my character is not stuck there forever, its like it for 20 minutes.

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