Player new to end game in WoW looking for a casual raiding guild

Hello o/

I’m new to doing end game stuff in WoW and i want to start raiding (and doing mythic+)

I’m looking to start with Normal raiding and then move on to Heroic.

I consider myself a decent player. i know how to play my spec (Marksmanship Hunter) and what i don’t know i always try and research.

i’m good at following directions since i have some raiding experience in FF14. raided in that game for 6 years so i have experience in researching boss fights, following strats and bringing food and pots to every fight.

if this sounds okay to anyone you can message me on my Discord Blubee#1019

Thanks for reading

Hi mate, if you want have a look at our recruitment topic. We currently already have one hunter who’s pretty new to mmo’s in general and never did any endgame before he joined us, but he’s listening to tips and improves every run! We would love to give you a home as well:

Also feel free to get hold of me

Snake Eyes

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