Player using automated third party to create undercut ladders on the AH


I can’t report the play manually since he’s not on my server.

The player *** is using an automated bot to consistently create undercut ladders on the “severite ore r2” market.
He’s porbably doing that on other markets, this is really annoying because it exploit the weakness of the AH that doesn’t update prices as often.

Please make him and everyone that do that accountable.

Best regards.

Edit : * is its main, he is doing it on “serevite ore r3” they must use the same third party program, same exact behaviour (one of his alt : ***)

You can see the effect on those lately

Hello Balphagore,

If you are unable to report someone in game, you can send an email to with the relevant information.

Please note that we do not allow naming and shaming other players on these forums, as this is considered harassment.