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Hello all,

I’m Navi & I’m currently looking for a new home.

About me;

I’ve been playing since WotLK and have raid experience across most tiers bar Legion which I had to sit out. I’d call myself a ‘healer main’ and I’m happy and able to play any for the right group. I have plenty of excellent logs from CN HC and normal as Monk, Priest and Paladin which I can send you on request. I’ve also played Warlocks over the years and am more than comfortable on one of those.

IRL I’m a 30 year old soldier and Dad with a hectic life! Because of that I really look forward to my raid/in-game time and I’ll always be there on time, flasked, gemmed, enchanted and with everything fully researched as well as having a deep understanding of most classes in game. You will never be frustrated by a lack of effort or commitment on my part.

What I’m looking for;

Because of my busy schedule I’m looking for a guild that raids 2x per week. A social scene is important to me, I enjoy M+ and BG’s. I need a group that has quality banter but also one that knows how to knuckle down and get stuff done. Most of my in game time is later at night so I’d prefer a group that is active then.

I’d love to hear from you if you think we could be a good fit, I’m open to server/faction switching if I think the move is right. Please hit me up on here or add me navi#22606 on bnet!


Hi Navi,

Based on your time schedule would you be interested in a 1-day raiding guild? We’re specifically tailored for ‘working adults’. Our Thursday team would love to have your monk.

Hi Navi!

You sound like a good fit for our guild, check out our guild post!

Hi, our forum post, might be something your interested in

Hey! “Knights in three Stripes” “Tarren Mill”.
We are currently recruiting for Castle Nathria 3/10 M. We are aiming towards mythic content with a goal at CE for future tiers. We raid twice a week, Thursday 19.00-23.00 and Monday 19.00-23.00. Our goal is to create a chill environment where raiding doesnt feel like a job but still striving to keep it competitive.
If you feel interested HMU.
Bnet: Lindblom#2461
Discord: Lindblom#5012

Hey Navi,

I’ve already added you to Bnet as I think we could be exactly the guild you are looking for.
I’m assuming most your characters are horde? Your post left out if you had a willingness to realm/faction transfer.

So I’d love to have a chat with you, add Sealed#2123 to Bnet or Sealed#0663 to Discord!

hi there m8 we sound like a good fit i will leave our post below let me know if u like what u see

Hey mate, want to join a friendly two days raiding guild? We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 19.30 to 22.00. We are looking for DPS and Holy pala/Resto druid to go into mythic progress. We are a very casual guild whos just wants to have fun and enjoy the game fully. We live on Kazzak server if thats not a problem. You can contact me on squizh#2430 in b-net

Hi Navi,

I am a father as well, so I know how much playing time can be of great pleasure.
We are looking for a additional healer to complete our mythic team and would love the opportunity to speak more.

Please see our post and let us know if it interests you.

[H] Draenor - <That Gave Me Felwood> - Brand NEW Raiding Guild - Currently 10/10HC (CURVED)

Hi Navi

Here is your new home


Hi Navi,

Just checking in to see if you’ve found a new online home yet? I’m always looking for friendly postive people to join our online family so you may wish to check us out: [A] Bronzebeard/Eonar <Chimera> 2/10M LF RDPS + 1 Healer

Most of us have played the game for 10 years & mostly all have kids now!

We have 4 raids through the week, 2 Mythic Progress raids Weds & Fri 200 st, 1 HC farm raid & 1 alt/social HC raid both 1430 on Sat & Sun.

Send me a friend request if you want to chat more: Danray#2466 or Discord: Danray#0657