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Hello all,

I’m Navi & I’m currently looking for a new home.

About me;

I’ve been playing since WotLK and have raid experience across most tiers bar Legion which I had to sit out. I’d call myself a ‘healer main’ and I’m happy and able to play any for the right group. I have plenty of excellent logs from CN HC and normal as Monk, Priest and Paladin which I can send you on request. I’ve also played Warlocks over the years and am more than comfortable on one of those.

IRL I’m a 30 year old soldier and Dad with a hectic life! Because of that I really look forward to my raid/in-game time and I’ll always be there on time, flasked, gemmed, enchanted and with everything fully researched as well as having a deep understanding of most classes in game. You will never be frustrated by a lack of effort or commitment on my part.

What I’m looking for;

Because of my busy schedule I’m looking for a guild that raids 2x per week. A social scene is important to me, I enjoy M+ and BG’s. I need a group that has quality banter but also one that knows how to knuckle down and get stuff done. Most of my in game time is later at night so I’d prefer a group that is active then.

I’d love to hear from you if you think we could be a good fit, I’m open to server/faction switching if I think the move is right. Please hit me up on here or add me navi#22606 on bnet!


Hi Navi,

I think our guild could be a good match for what you seek perhaps.

Our primary goal is to connect both (in) experienced players to play with, learn from and have a good time together.

We are progressing on end game content as well, but at a more relaxed pace than many other guilds.

Doing raids two times a week without any attendance pressure (if you like it then you’re welcome is the bottomline)

More details are here: [A][Blade’s Edge/Vek’nilash/Eonar/Aerie Peak/Bronzebeard] BEAST looking for starting players

If you are interested hit me up in game SlimShady#2100.



Hi Navi,

I did post on your other post, but just incase you didnt see it.

Hope you’re well we are still on the look out for an additional healer to complete our Mythic Raiding Team.

Please have a look at our post my battle net is in there and if it interests you please do add me for a chat.


Hey Navi,

Hope you are doing well? Not sure if you have found anywhere yet.

We are a Mythic Raiding guild consisting of some older players. Which means we can relate to working, family wife etc. Due to a lot of these reason we only raid 2 days a week with sometimes the optional 3rd. Our raid days are Thursday and Monday to keep the weekends free for family etc. Admittendly with the lockdown at the moment were not exactly making the most of that.

But if your still looking info on our guild can be found here. If you think we might be a good match then let me know.

Hey Navi, we have some history together :wink: how are you?

I think you’re currently in the reboot of Resonant so i assume this post was made before that happened, but in case you are still looking: we’re in need of one healer…feel free to hit me up tho i assume this post is oudated already?