Please fix the massive lag on auction house?

seems like a temporary issue, I had it for a bit and then it went away.

It is really bad sadly. The only reason people are not up inflames is because they are stacking pvp marks honor and gearing new classes on both factions. The game is not in a good state. Hope fixes will be rolling out soon :slight_smile:

On Gehennas currently Auction house lag isjust deadly. Barely usable.

Have you guys tried without addons? Could be some addon screwing around since update. Havent experienced any lag myself.

Its been ongoing for a week.
By that logic everything is temporary.

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>plays on extremely overpopulated server

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They should just have locked the server from incoming transfers and 58 boosts. Why should other people coming to my realm force me to pay to transfer away?


totally agree with this. on gehennas u can do nothing on ah, literally nothing. im waiting 30 min to buy something. and this wasnt like this before the tbc. its totally about the client imo. i tried different addons as well and it wasnt the solution. i tried them on the shazzrah and it was working normally. so this started after tbc and not about addons. this is like a torture, should get a fix asap.

I think some blizzard employees should try to purchase like 800 mana pots in stacks of 1. I highly doubt they’ll manage to do that before the end of their shift.
This is THE BEST TBC experience so far.

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Gehennas AH is so bad you rather just trade with someone in tradechat than using it because the time spend is lower that way… loading forever and sometimes just kicking you out and then not letting you open it at all :smiley:

AH almost not usable at all during my prime online. Is there any response blizzard gave us?

I hate bumping, but this issue is even worse now with TBC. During primetime it takes 15-30 second for every interaction on AH.

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This is insane, please fix it. I can’t buy anything with this lag on the auction house

took 58seconds of loading yesterday on firemaw EU during primetime thanks for nothing :joy:

pls fix this blizazrd

Just so people that play on less populated realms understand.

Barely usable on Gehennas. I wonder how ppl manage to fill it anyway, there is tons of 1 item lots.

Please Blizzard just apply the ShadowLands Auction House … we all want it this is simply not playable… we just want to play the game not wait on Auction House10m…

Do something, come on

To be honest, Blizzard lost any and all credibility when it comes to software development and software testing with the classic releases. On top of that we can also take into consideration the retail content drought (8+ months) and one will start wondering what the h**l Blizzard is doing? And sorry, you can not blame the pandemic for this since remote SW dev had been done for 15+ years without problems.