"Please prepare for reductions to Destruction Warlock and Survival Hunter damage in high target situations at the start of Season 4."


I think you missed the subforum. This will have a zero impact on pvp or arena.

Pls no. No more grinding gear. Pls stop.

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will end up in nerfing the 4 set from sv hunter probably so it may impact pvp

What did I miss? Please link or post it. I couldnt find any specific information about what they will change for s4, but im guessing its the 4set bonus and if they nerf that for pve then there is no way that it wont also affect pvp? Have blizzard EVER nerfed something for PvE but left it more powerful in PvP?

nice to see you are excited and happy that they prioritize PvE community feedback over PvP even when they are making nerfs/buffs in PvP based on PvE content very nice from them super thoughtful

Glad to see that you are seeing things my way!

Btw i hope that you will be making a video fast where you try affliction w / drain essence after patch. Regardless of what you think of me I do enjoy your videos.

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i dont think of you in a bad way im just frustrated about blizzard making changes in PvP based on how many mobs x spell/ability hits in M+ its just not right to ignore one side of players and just go with PvE just because its majority of players like PvP players dont exist or something similar to them

think many of us just accepted this state since it wont change anyways soon.

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