Please release server names so guilds can start organising

Easy enough to organize by saying, we will roll on this type of server and we will be on a discord call when the servers go up so we all go to the same server


We will play on the first listed PvE server.

We will play on the PvP server which is last alphabetically.

We will do whatever YouTube “content creators” tell us to do, as we can’t think for ourselves and need support min/maxing server choice.

Easy way around it. :slight_smile:

Did a content creator stepp on your little toes or something? You seem to not like them very much.

It’s more their dependent clueless followers.


USA got 1 realm name. A PVE server named “The one realm” Hilarious as it’s the only one showing.

If you’ve got a doll, I can show you were they touched me. :joy:

The fact that they another name for them is “influencers” should be obvious to what they are doing, they’re influencing social gaming in a very negative manner, which is why social gaming can be deemed to be such a mess at the moment. Their only priority is revenue, just like any other advertising. There is no integrity when they produce “content” just click bait and content designed for the easily led and this in turn provides a community that seldom thinks for itself and sees very little value outside of loot acquisition. Very sad imho.

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How can you share server name before release if you dont know it before release? :sweat_smile:

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You share YOUR server choice in Discord with guild after server names are known. :roll_eyes:

I would guess you will pick the first realm then change because the other realm name is easier to spell.

Though that’s probably for PvP realms only. I think there will be only one PvE realm.

Thank you for all the smartass comments and the captain obvious solutions I couldn’t possibly think about myself. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you again.

And thank you Blizzard for caring so much about your European players. Your engagement on the European forums is slightly better than the interaction I had with the edge of the bed when I stubbed my toe this morning.

So kudos to you, and keep it up!

No, names will be revealed on launch according to blizz and it’s awesome. We are all going in random.

Plus the team behind sod is way different than any other blizz team, they really don’t care about whiners and want to make this a fun experience for others. Keeping everything in secret, sticking their rules and so on.

Good job by blizz this time.

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Easy. We will have also in EU 4 servers:
1 PvE server
1 RP-PvP server
2 PvP server.
Only if you go PvP you have problem. And you then can just agree to take alphabetical first or last server.

Don’t forget about the shutdown tonight just before SoD launches.

Sceduled? When?

From the launcher, It’s on the Classic Era section.


So what is it now, 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET or 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET.
Conflicting information…

I dont care what server i play on as long its PvP server and not the one all the streamers are going for. so im just gonna wtach what they pick and decide for the other one after :slight_smile: easy problem solved


Servers opens in 3hours 29 mins

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