Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt2)

(Emolock) #21
Hi my name is Khaled which means immortal , i live in syria

i love lana del rey :>

Age : 21

personality : 2 moods : 1 : anxious , unsecured , sarcastic , calm
2: funny , friendly , chatty , Mature

Play times : When i ever comeback home from college .

faction : Alliance

Class : Warlock, priest currently , but i have over 17 alts all 110 but no time to play all but my warlock and priest

Looking for : A friendly person , who loves lana del rey , or calm music , no emo music , i like doing old content and i need someone who could make me love the game again , because i'm literally losing my attraction to the game

Other interests : Music , gym , Dota 2 , CS GO , Movies , series , romantic stuff , not dying in a bomb :>

Battle tag : SoRrOw#2258

(Acbx) #22
Good idea!

Age :22 from the UK

I've just started playing again after a 5 year break! God so much has happened since then.

I play mainly Alliance.

Just looking for people to hang about with and enjoy PVE and PVP. I used to love PVP with my shadow priest but it seems to take ages to get into a random battleground these days. Want to progress to end game stuff and raid like I used to.

I'm on as much as I can, I'm in the Royal Air Force so I get ****** about a lot! And also when my missus leaves me alone long enough to play haha.

I'm really chilled and like to play to relieve stress but I do love WoW lore and I'm keen to learn more

Other interest include anything military, most sports, history and travelling

Battle net tag

(Leizen) #23
I like this!

Age: 24

Personality: Extremely calm, I bounce back and forth from serious to funny. Due to my recently half dead TV, that turns itself on and off and switches channel and whatever, you might witness some funny bits of general rage. Nothing to worry about :) *throws remote at TV*

Side: Mostly Alliance, but I have a Horde Shaman that I love. Plus, coming BfA, I'll probably switch sides.


Too many to list. I'm a serial altholic, I love learning classes and specs. If I'd have to say though, Demon Hunter and Mage (plus Warlock, Shaman, Druid and DK... Send help)

Spec: Havoc DH, Fire (sometimes Frost) Mage, Affli Lock, Enh and Ele Shaman, Guardian Druid, Frost and Blood Dk

Playing time: Usually from 1.30pm to 4-5pm, depending obviously. Also late night. Tend to hop on and off.

Up for: Helping if needed, raiding (have been doing only LFR since I came back. Used to do Normal and Heroic. Hate Mythic), M+ (very inexperienced in these though), doing old raids for transmog, whatever really, except PvP.

Other interests: Movies, books (mostly Fantasy stuff), music (enjoy pretty much anything, but I prefer Metal), Videogames in general. Writing, at times.

Battletag: Kvothe#2290 (busy period, might not see any request for a while)

(Uruk) #24
Age: 23
Personality: Lawful Good. Easy-going, friendly, relaxed and enjoy to talk about various stuff. I don't tolerate stupid people and toxic people.
Language: English/Montenegrin/Serbian/a bit of German
Other interests: Sports, Science, Music, Having fun, Making friends, helping people etc.

Side: Horde / Ally (RP, PvE)
Realms: Draenor, Argent Dawn
Chars: Usually on Uruk with three more alts.
Playing time: varies, mostly in the afternoon/evening
Up for: Raiding, achi-hunting, chatting, questing, some random bg here and there, Brawler's Guild, mount/pet/toy/transmog runs and role-playing.

Battletag: Uruk#11500

(Kazmodeus) #25
About me
Tbh i have no idea what to write here, but i dropped out from highschool and Were in an "Accident" about an month ago so i can't really do anything as im still regaining my Health, so what im trying to say with all this is that i have alot of Free time.

Been playing off and on since The Burning Crusade

I lost most of my friends during WoD, so i took a break aswell, so i'm here to find some new ones :) would love to play with people from all around the world :D

22 y/o

Japanese [Some of it]
Germany [Just some words]

Well im not the most Talkactive Lad so im kinda looking for someone that's Talkactive!, when i've gotten to know you better then might you want me to stop talking haha :P
But yeah besides that so would i personally say that im Calm, Nice!.

I'm both, However my best characters is HORDE.
But if you're alliance and adding me, then can i play alliance aswell just that my Alliance chars aint that very geared!.

Playing time
Well i cant really say whenever i'm online on wow, as its different, however im online on battle net launcher everyday from 03:00AM - 19:00PM

Up for
PvE all kinds, From M+2 - 15 til LFR - HC raiding! :D
[I love old continent for transmog etc!]

PvP random bgs c: [Even tho im bad at it D:]
I'd love to try out RBGs one day and try getting The mounts!
I do not Have a mic however, but i'm a Really good Listener!

Other interest
Steam [RPG games Mainly]
Reading [Currently reading the wow chronicles Vol.2]
Movies [Love Japanese drama Shows]
Animes Currently Watching Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma & Dragonball Super


I'll be adding alot of peoples here to see who's like me, awkward and Awesome >:D

If we don't match together, then is it just to remove and Keep on Going ^_^
Just to keep it nice and clean without any Drama :P <3

(Sagrado) #26
This has worked for me so here we go again:
- Age: 25 (but age doesn't matter that much to me in-game, just don't be toxic)

- Country: Belgium (Dutch speaking part)

- Personality: Friendly, helpfull, mature. I play WoW to relax and I'm looking to meet more players outside of my guild to do fun activities with and explore BfA when it comes out. As a college student (1 year and a half left), I sometimes have less free time so I'm not a hardcore raider but if you like having fun in dungeons, old content, mythics, LFR or other activities, don't hesitate to add me.

- Side: Alliance, I have a few horde alts (100 highest) but I don't play horde much since I don't know anyone on that side who's active atm.

- Chars: all classes at 110 on alliance, I used to be an altoholic :P
(That, and I wanted all the class mounts, one even talks !)
So I won't summ them up here.
=> I prefer healers, I also tank on my paladin (2nd spec) in pug dungeons.

- Playing time: More random moments (always during the evening) through the week depending on what I need to do in RL. Apart from that mainly during the weekend (evening/night mostly).

- Up for: old content, transmog, dungeons, mythics, LFR, raids (if RL permits), alts (allied races atm) and so on. Pretty much anything to have fun. I also did pvp but I haven't done that as alliance lately on my own but I will try pvp again. I have only played healers in pvp up to now.

- Other interests:
=> Games of all sorts like WoW, Heroes of the Storm, Witcher 3, Life is Strange, Tomb Raider and so on. In general: mostly (MMO)RPG and games with a good story.
=> Anime/manga (as in: Netflix and reading like someone who'd read a book)
=> Science and engineering (I don't talk about this unless other person inquires)
=> Music, other hobbies and RL stuff,

- Battletag: VercammenC#2205
Nice to meet you ! ;-)

(Naíve) #27
Age: 24
Country: UK

Personality: Laid back / huge chatterbox. Chatterbox isn't really a personality trait? But I thought i'd put a forewarning somewhere :P

Side: Switching Alliance for BFA!
Nice roster of alliance characters on Silvermoon
Handfull of Horde on Draenor

Playing time: Usually depends on what mood i'm in tbh, I try and get on atleast every other day, more active after 7:30pm(8:30 Server)

Up for: Chatting, Tmog runs, Achievements , M+ , Leveling , Bgs, just about anything!

Battletag: Vintage#2654

(Zamios) #28
About me:

Age: 39

Personality: Laid back and mature.

Side: Alliance (my Horde characters are on vacation)

Druid: DPS, Healing
Mage: Food vendor & Portal connoisseur
Demon Hunter: Tank

Playing time:
Mon-Fri: early mornings and late afternoons.
Sat-Sun: Most of the day.

Up for: Helping out, dungeons, questing, chatting.

Other interests: Writing (I'm a published fiction autor).

Battletag: Cassius#2962

(Zaiu) #29


Personality:Friendly,easy-going open to anything,bit of serious bit of memes too

Play times:Offline only when I'm sleeping i guess lol

Faction:Main Horde,but can level Alliance too if needed

Class:My main is a feral druid,also have a sort of main dk

Looking for:Someone to play with,chatting,make friends,from BG's to Old raids to chilling on the roof of Orgrimmar hit me up with a message if that got you interested

Other interests:Skyrim,Warcraft 3,Dota 2,9Gag ,Memes. l listen to Metal mostly Folk Metal(stuff like Korpiklaani Alestorm) and Progressive House,watching anime too sometimes
Also fascinated by the Norse mythology so if you're somone who knows a lot about this I'd love to hear everything from you lol

BattleTag Night#23242 // Currently playing On Draenor-Eu

(Starshield) #30

I'm an old timer returning to wow after almost 6 years of not playing. Used to play hours and hours on end. Loved to raid and always enjoyed my time in world of warcraft.

A lot has changed in my life since then. I now have a family and limited time. Playing is now a time to sit back, relax and recharge. With that said, some of the finer details below:

I'm 43 and generally relaxed, calm and thoughtful.


Priest (Healing), Mage, Paladin

Playing time
Roughly 3 times per week in the evenings from 21:00 (game time) till 23:00 - 00:00

Up for
Dungeons, leveling alts, pvp, hanging out doing fun stuff. (maybe some limited raiding at some point)


Cheers and have a good evening :)

(Krytek) #31
Hey all :)

29 year old Londoner here, played on and off since Blackwing Lair was released in vanilla.

I'm 3 weeks back into the game, and have managed to get my main up to ilvl 906 - looking for anyone interested in mythics on my DK, levelling alts together, or generally just chatting for the sake of it :)

Ridiculously laid-back, open to any random things you might end up saying, just looking for a few buddies to world quest/dungeon/potentially light raid with :)

Hit me up! tropicocity#1855

(Isadien) #32

Personality: Mature, friendly.

Play time: Whenever I get the chance. Mostly weekday evenings/nights.

Faction: Horde only

Class: DPS Pala & DH, Tank DH, Various other alts.

Looking for: Mythic+ advancement (don’t think I’ve gone over +12) and raid normals. Also maybe some alt grinding.

Interests: Art, music, writing, books, surfing, travelling, football, history.


(Celyse) #33
So nothing ventured ...

I'm from the UK, mature, friendly, easy going and quiet at least to begin with :)

I took a break during the second half of last year, when I came back the small guild I was in had disbanded. So I've been trying to level up all the allied races but this is the only one I've made significant progress with.

I play mainly alliance but I do have a max lvl horde paladin and play most days.

I'm looking to do some mythics/dungeons, but having suffered alot with anxiety issues for some time, grouping with a load of strangers is a bit of a barrier.

I enjoy art, reading, history.

(Grazined) #34
Age: 24
Country: Turkey

Personality: Laid back, calm, mature and not a very talkative person which is also the reason why i dont have any in game friends

Side: Horde - Tarren Mill
I was raiding hardcore at wotlk and i stopped playing after wotlk. I just started playing after Antorus patch. I have one main paladin and one dk. Im trying to farm gear for other alts but it is so hard to find a +15 group. I am looking for a friend, who can boost my alts and in return i will boost his alts. Other than i am usually up for any activities like pvp and raiding.

Playing time: %90 Everyday from 6pm server time( because of the summer time things im not sure but 7pm turkish time :D) to 10 pm. I sometimes play longer on weekends.

Up for: Chatting, M+, PvP (espacially bgs i love bgs)

Battletag: denizarg#2582

(Christmas) #35
You know who i am

Pvp - leveling alts - achievements


(I don't do PVE)

(Engeram) #36
So it's my turn I guess :)

Age: 36

Personality: Friendly, a bit shy at first

Gameplay style: I like to level characters, and I do a bit of achievement hunting. I do not raid, and I have not done M+ since the beginning of legion..

Side: Mostly alliance but I started playing on horde side, so I do have some horde characters aswell.

Feel free to add me if you want someone to level with or do achievement hunting with :)
By the way. I'm danish, so english is not my first language :)

BattleTag: mnyhjem#2114

(Boredbear) #37
About me:

Age: 23 female
Side: both
Chars: main hunter
Spec: marks
Other interests: drinking & gambling
Battletag: Hakria#2823

(Leahlackey) #38
Heya ^^


Relaxed and laid back, can take a joke, shy till you get to know me. Very approachable, probably says yes more than they should sometimes

Play Times:
Varies - though as least 1-2 hours a day minimum. Weekends are big play days for me currently

For the Horde!!!

I have spent my time in Legion trying to decide which class to take through to BfA, and have settled on a Warlock!

Favourite Content:
M+, Raids, Transmog!

Looking For:
I have no IRL friends that play WoW, so meeting someone who plays relatively frequently and that is also chilled and laid back would be perfect! Happy to have chat based communication but don't mind discord either though sometimes I have my "can't be arsed to talk" days!

Other Interests:
Varied. Includes Music, the LGBTQ Community, and I also love Hearthstone!


(Keane) #39
About me:

Age: 29

Personality: Friendly, relaxed and mature

Side: Alliance

Playing time: Varies (either most of the day, or from 2200+ GMT), when not working

Up for: Chatting, helping with quests, and (mainly) RPing.

Battletag: Praesolus#2628

(Tarliya) #40
Hey :-) Hopefully I can find some people to play with. I came back to WoW for the new expansion so just mucking around until the new expansion and looking for some new friends to play with.

About me: I played WoW religiously back in the day and was in a very highly respected raiding guild. Now I am a lot older and have a job now so I do not have the time to commit to raiding like I did.

Age: I am a 24 year old British player.

Personality: I am kind, friendly, relaxed and mature.

Side: Horde

Chars: 110 Tauren feral kitty (Hellfire)
110 Holy Priest on Chamber of Aspects

Spec: Feral/Holy

Playing time: I do shift work so this really does vary, however when I am off I am on most of the day.

Up for: Mythic plus, World quests, old raids, LFR and also I am up for learning PvP :P

Other interests: I am really into writing and reading, I watch a lot of TV and I have a current fascination for Ant Eaters (aren't they majestic!).

Battletag: Lozzeh#2869