Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)


Unfortunately women and LGBTI+ communities haven’t always been welcomed, and often feel more comfortable and have more fun gaming with like minded people. Gamers who do that aren’t the problem. The gamers who make people uncomfortable or feel bad because of who they are - those people are the problem


After playing WoW in Cataclysm and MoP, I took a big break& came back to BfA to make my own guild, push Mythic+ content and have fun with others, I got my own social guild on Silvermoon, and it’s a lot of fun, but every so often I do feel alone unfortunately >_< soo hopefully I can like find someone to have fun with outside of my guild, to like, not feel alone… ya know? Im sure you know :smiley:

Age: 21

Personality: Very patient if you are like willing to work for it. I’ll go very far for my friends if they return the favor and want to get helped, basically =D
oh yus, I is a guy by the way.

Side: Alliance onlyyy~

Char: This druidu that im posting with is my alt (had its glory time in Season 1 (1,4K RIO score)) I moved over to my new main: Solartanks, which is a blood DK, so like. I off-heal on my healer if its reaaaally needed (can still heal a +10 np) but I main DK hard (everything +14 atleast)

playing time: pretty open schedule, if Im not working, I can play, I dont always play but I Can.

What I do in game: Mythic+ pushing, helping guildies and friends out in Mythic+, run Island expeditions, WQ’s for azerite/war resources, and like super duper sometimes, do a raid/PVP

What Im looking for: A good friend to spend quality time with, I really like to roleplay outside of my regular guild responsibilities and Mythic+ runs, and I’m always up for a good chat! If you want to talk, please hit me up because talking is great, better then all those silent players >_<

Other interests: gaming, studying, football, going to the cinema with my m8, roleplay, and living the good life :slight_smile:


(Quagmíré) #91

Defo didn’t sound wrong at all in any shape or form… I like it



My name is Stefan, I used to work for ESL as ESL One and IEM organiser, been in and of professional gaming world for over 10 years. I started playing WoW around 2006 and I am playing casually since then. I am very good to professional level at making video and 3D cinematic, organising and working on multiple fields.

I tend to be on every other day for a few hours, raiding with global / premades, doing mythic and so on. I enjoy any aspect of the game, less fishing as it gets me bored :))

Tho my guild is ranked 2 on Sylvana’s realm, I am behind in getting gear and I downgraded myself to a Member from a Raider; this leaving me kinda alone outside of the core.

Personality: I am fluent in a couple languages, very patient and friendly. I am eager to support and spend time doing interesting things. Respect is one of my must points as I always provided it.
Side: Alliance for the moment.
Characters: OpTIXy, Priest, Sylvana’s Alliance (the only with decent gear and lvl for BFA)
What I do in game: Mythic+ pushing (just started), helping friends, run Island expeditions, WQ’s for Azerite/War resources. I enjoy raiding and competing, due to the nature of my past and profession (I used to raid in BLegion on TarrenMill with my Mage). I am open to farm pets, mounts, cut the grass of heal you with my first aid skills.
What I am looking for: A good hand of interesting people to spend quality time with.

Other interests: gaming, eSports, medicine-health field (I am graduated general practitioner aka general doctor)
You can find me on: OpTIXy #2453


Hey, I added a bunch of you! I’ve got toons between lvl 20 and 120 (almost raid ready) and have played on and off for about 11years! I just opened my guild up with the idea of looking for a friendly group to level together, run the old content, generally have some fun, also for current content with my main. I’m on Hellfire/Arathor with that but feel free to add me and chat, whatever your realm. Mumm#2233.
I miss the old friendships and chat since so many people I knew quit!


Hello all.
36 old guy from Sweden.
This is my main character but I also have lots of allts.
I am currently leveling up all the 8 allied races :slight_smile:
Playing time : after work and weekends.
Having a tough time in Life at the moment with depression, having dark thoughts and having no one to talk to.
Playing WoW and chatting makes it feel a Little better.
Add me on hat3sn0w#2992 if ye want :slight_smile:

(Quagmíré) #95

Sup folks, tried before and got lots of invites, tho most of them rather wastefull, so renewing to try again :slight_smile:

26 from Norway looking for friends, given how im not really the most dedicated player these days i spend most of my intrests on alts or m+, raiding etc. And having a rather lonely experience despite not being the most social person myself, i have a friend, yet dark humor and i play WoW, EU4, CS:GO on occasion, Overwatch etc just taking it as it comes.

Feel free to add me @ Falewin#21224


Hiii! :3 I’m looking for friends to play with that are polite! My main is this priest, got around 408+ ilvl at the moment. We could do some bgs, old raids, raids, mythic+ and so on together. :smiley:

I also got 120 alliance hunter that I’m playing on sometimes.

Feel free to add my battletag: Sophia#22195


Battletag: Tykaine#2835

Faction: Horde only.

WoW background: Played this very rogue for 14 years since 2005, I have taken some breaks here and there, most notably I missed half of WoD and all of Legion. Returned to the game a few months ago and I think I have almost caught up and made up for what I missed.

I have a history of playing PvE on a decent level (did server first WoTLK and Cataclysm Heroic raid kills) but raiding and Mythics really do not interest me these days (partially due to time, partially due to “been there, seen it before” syndrome).

Mainly I play casual PvP while hunting some old PvE/PvP/collector’s achievements on the side, so if that’s your kind of thing, definitely add me and we’ll get along well. :>

About me : I won’t write an essay here haha, but in short I’m 28 years old from the United Kingdom, of course I like gaming (I play other Blizzard games too, Hearthstone, D3, Overwatch), reading, football, working out and metal! \m/



Depends on who you’re asking!, naah but i’d say im pretty relaxed and laidback!


Ooof to many to mention!, i do currently have 16 lvl 120’s
Along with 8 lvl 110+'s!

[Already have all the Herritage Armors thats currently ingame xD]

Playing time:
Whenever i’m awake pretty much haha, and feel like WoW could be fun!.

Up for
Honestly anything!, raiding seems kinda pointless at the moment as you can get about the same ilvl from world quests xD!.

I’m doing to do current raid, just not to get better gear but to get transmog!.
I’m very focused on Transmogs these days!.

other interests
Twitter, Discord, WoW Lore[A huge fan when it comes to this], Anime, Manga, Training the Programming language C++ [Recently started]

Use Photoshop to make neat looking pics with peoples WoW Characters!.
Writing my very own Fan-fiction with WoW about how my very own characters handle the situation in every expansion etc!.


I’m also well known in Pyromancer’s Discord, pretty much speculate the lore there everyday as the WoW Lore nerd i am haha.



Honestly a bit shy at first but do open up, I’m up for a laugh and get told I’m quite chatty.

Mainly Alliance but I do want to start playing horde

Loads of different level characters on Nagrand server (dunno if that still makes a difference)

Playing time:
Mainly evening but could be anytime due to work schedule

Up for
Anything, I prefer old content as haven’t really got into BFA after coming back from a break.

other interests
Gaming in general, been playing consoles for years so have always liked playing something.



Hi boys, anyone wanna be my friend?

About me: I’m a 19 year old Romanian student

Personality: Confident, positive, dark humor, will joke about anything, will call you names periodically

Faction: Horde only

Characters: I only play this one seriously, BM hunter. I have others but this is my main and my first ever character.

Playing Time: Whenever, as long as I’m not studying.

Up for: Raids, m+, wpvp, arenas, bg’s, Goldshire, etc. Anything you can think of, I’m down

Other interests: Cars, alcohol, animals, women

Add me: AdiForrester#2154
You can also join my discord server.

(Haxxman) #101

About me:

Age & Nationality: 23, from Sweden

Personality: 6’2, blonde and blue eyes

Side: Alliance

Chars: Only this warrior, for the foreseeable future

Playing time: Whenever im not working and feel like playing

Up for: Anything related to achievementhunting

Other interests: Horror movies, Death metal, snowmobiles, excessive drinking, dogs and cats.

Battletag: ASDF1337#21860

(Teknetia) #102

I feel like I need some friends in game.

I’m Chris, I’m 26 (27 soon), I live in the UK with my fiancée (we’ve been together nearly 5 years). My Fiancée introduced me to WoW however she doesn’t play it that much anymore as her laptop doesn’t have the room for it. I play most nights though atm it’s just for logging in to do dailies.

This is my main, I do also play a Blood Elf Warlock and a couple of other toons when I have the time.

Currently haven’t had the best of years, fell out with my best friend and because of that fell out with a group of people I used to chat with on Discord, has a bit of a crap time with money this year so far and various other things have been going wrong for me so having some friends to play with might help.

Battletag is Piefish#21733


This is by far my favourite game but it’s funny how none of my IRL friends play it xD

I’m an 18, very soon 19 student from England looking to make some new friends to play with. I levelled this character up to 120 a few days ago so my gear is kinda poop, but I’d love to do some content like raiding, mount/transmog farming, Mythic+, pretty much anything and everything haha.

I’m online pretty often so I’m always down to play or chatting. My personality is very chilled sooo yeah :smiley:

Add me if ya want, my btag is Allusion#2415


About me:
Norwegian :slight_smile: I have been playing WoW on and off since TBC, so I’ve been around the highs and lows. Im very weak for the game, so I usually power through the content although I dont necessarilly like it.
Age: 25
personality: Patient, calm and I do have sense of humuor. I also like to complain about WoW, even though I like it.
faction: Alliance. It has always been the faction I respected the most
characters: I have most classes in high lvl, but I main a monk and warlock. My monk is a 400 ilvl tank, while my lock is close to 400.
Playing time: Most weekdays from 17.00 and weekends. I do live with my girlfriend, so I should be social with her at times.
up for: Anything at any time. Doing mythic+, lvling, clearing old content. Im down
other interests: American football, movies and social stuff
battletag: johano#2915
Feel free to Add me :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone!

I’m a pretty quiet most times. I love playing wow lots. I came back a few days ago to the game since I were gone for some months from the game.

Side: Alliance. But also have Lots of characters on Both sides. :slight_smile:

My Playing Time: Pretty much 24/7 unless I’m doing/playing something else the moment. :slight_smile:

Other Interests: Movies, Music, Walking, Reading, Languages :slight_smile:

My Battletag: Daeliina#2972 :slight_smile:

Things I do on game: Random BGs here and then, Transmog Collecting, Reps, Questing, Dungeons here and then,

Personality: Shy at first. But while time goes I’m much more Smiley and happy to talk with. :slight_smile:


About me:
I’ve been playing this game on and off since mist of pandaria expansion. Been always playing healer classes since I can’t really play dps at all haha. I enjoy healing so much more! :slight_smile:


Personality: Patient, helpful, calm and have a sense of humor ofc. :slight_smile:

Side: Horde + alliance. But I do play on horde side more.

Chars: Horde priest (she is my main, so far 411+ ilvl), alliance hunter around 397+ ilvl.

Playing time: It depends but i’m trying to be on a few hours everyday. :slight_smile:

Up for: Anything at any time, my favorite thing to do is to chat with people, mythic+ runs, collecting mounts + pets.

Other interests: Many many… :slight_smile:

Battletag: Malin#21968

(Looksmaxxed) #107

Is this tinder for wow? :thinking::upside_down_face:

I’ll give it a go:

Age: big daddy :scream:
Personality: crazy :upside_down_face:
Wants: bj while playing :heart_eyes: :innocent:
Offers: reciprocation :wink::v:

Up for: cosplay debauchery :star_struck: :crazy_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Safe word: Goldshire :laughing::sweat_smile::joy:


About Me
I am a 19 year old :norway:norwegian that will hopefully soon turn 20. I enjoy playing wow whenever i can (usually weekends), looking for a friend to play wow with since those i used to play with all quit a while ago.
Calm, helpful and patient.
I only play ret paladin (pink for life). Ilvl 400 currently. If you ever see me playing something that’s not a paladin i’m probably being forced to.
Playing Time
As mentioned earlier i usually play every weekend, will occationally play at other times if i have the time.
Up For
Running old raids, dungeons and world bosses for things that i don’t have. I’m also okay with just talking if we get along. Will also do m+ and farm rep, probably a lot more things, just need to find them first.
IRL Interests
Biking, music, gaming, hiking and relaxing.


Send a request if you want a friend! :grinning: