Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)

Hi! I’m looking for some friends to play WoW with. I’ve never played Classic and I will be playing that with a group of friends when it’s released, but I want friends to play current WoW with me too!

About me:

  • Age: 21
  • Personality: Sarcastic, laid back, passive, friendly, shy, easy-going
  • Side: Horde main, Alliance Alt
  • Chars: 120 Nightborne BM Hunter (Main), 95 Night Elf Feral Druid
  • Spec: Combat only but I would like to try healing. I have to learn and I don’t have anyone to teach me.
  • Playing time: Monday through Friday- 5pm, Weekends- All day

Up for: Anything! I want to rep grind, farm gear, do raids, dungeons, old mount runs. Literally anything, I just want to play with someone!

Other interests: Art, fish keeping, leopard geckos, dogs, power metal and hard rock, japanese pop music, sleeping, other games such as Minecraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Witcher 3, and many other things!

Battletag: Nekomancer#21725

About me:

Age: 25
Personality: True Neutral
Side: Horde (and leveling an alliance now)
Prot warrior.
Playing time: Easter European evenings and weekends.
Up for: I want to make a company of friends to do mythics.
And reputations and tmog runs too.
Leveling an alliance toon now.
Other interests: guns, gym, ski, intelligence, hiking.
Battletag: Doomguy#21822

I always had a hard time presenting myself. If something from above look interesting to you or you just bored then hmu, I’m bored too.

Name: Malaficus Shaikan.
Job: Archon.
Age: I was born at the dawn of time but my current body is 33.
Charaters: Night elf druid on argant dawn, zandalari tribe and classic rp server with the hard name.
Playing time:
Unless real life gets in the way:
13:00 to 17:100 and 19:00 to 23:00.

Personality: Knight is sour armor.(look it up at tv tropes)

Seeking people to chat with and kill time with.
I am not picky about the content aslong it isnt ganking, trolling or other stuff of the nature.
Bullies are shot on sight.

Battletag: malaficus1969

If i am in a dungeon or raid dont wishper me.
Tanking require’s all my attation.

About me: Funny, friendly, quiet, open minded. I like dark humor and discussing about almost everything.
Age: 20
Side: Alliance, but I can also level horde char
Chars: Alliance: DK and dh(lvl 120), priest(lvl 92) Horde: hunter(boosted lvl 110)
Up for: anything
Playing time: evenings
Other interests: history, movies, music, literature, other cutures, animals, politics.

Battletag: Frostuch#21666

Hello Everyone!

I’m a pretty quiet most times. I love playing wow lots. I came back a few days ago to the game since I were gone for some months from the game.

Side: Alliance. But also have Lots of characters on Both sides. :slight_smile:

My Playing Time: Pretty much 24/7 unless I’m doing/playing something else the moment. :slight_smile:

Other Interests: Movies, Music, Walking, Reading, Languages :slight_smile:

My Battletag: Daeliina#2972 :slight_smile:

Things I do on game: Random BGs here and then, Transmog Collecting, Reps, Questing, Dungeons here and then,

Personality: Shy at first. But while time goes I’m much more Smiley and happy to talk with. :slight_smile:

Hello all, old wow player here looking for friends to play with :wink:
Age: 27
personality: calm and chitchatter a bit
faction: hordie
characters: alot (mainly dps)
Available: 5 days a week from 8pm ST
up for: Mythics, mog runs, achiv’s etc.

Btag= Exxacus#2224

About me: Started WoW in Vanilla and still playing, sometimes more sometimes less. I’m mostly looking for friends on Alliance side but I also have alot Horde chars (they have pre 8.2 gear, haven’t played on them recently)

Age: 33

Personality: easy-going, laid back, mature. I take most things easy but I also can be serious and concentrated when it comes to high ranked pvp or high M+ I can also talk and laugh alot ;D

Side: mostly looking for Alliance players! Ofc Horde is welcome too :slight_smile:

Alliance Priest, Shadow
Alliance Monk, WW + Tank
Alliance DH, Tank

On Horde I have: Priest, Monk, DH, Pally
All my Horde friends stopped playing so I haven’t put effort into gearing them yet.

Playing time: during the week mostly between 6 pm and 11 pm CET. On weekends mostly on Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.

Up for: mostly looking for people for M+ , arenas, wpvp or BGs. . I also like leveling/gearing alts.
Ended up with 1.9k rio and close to 2.3k rating last season (or maybe season before last season, cant remember… bad memory) without trying seriously.

-> Mainly looking for someone to play with. Be cool and relaxed, no need for ragers or people who know everything better.

Other interests: gym, drawing, hanging out with friends, music, watching streams, pubg, classic wow

Battletag: Tarja#2189

About me: I started with WOTLK but I had a few breaks and came back for Legion. I don’t have any In-game friends and I’m not good at socialize randomly.

Age: 31

Personality: I’m shy at first but very friendly and funny also open minded, you can talk about almost everything with me.

Side: I play Horde only and I don’t want to change that, yeah maybe I should delete “open minded”?

Chars: Mostly I play my DK or Rogue and levelling a Warlock and Priest at the moment.
Playing time: I play mostly in the evening but sometimes also during the day or morning. I’m a freelancer and work at home only.

Up for: Questing, Levelling an Alt, Dungeons, Raids, Achievements, chatting and more.

Other interests: Goth Culture, Metal Concerts, Cats, Gym and sports.

Language: English/german

If you’re interested feel free to add me.

Battletag: Shay#21213

About me:
Allways played WoW because I love Warcraft Universe, never had friends that will play WoW on regular basis or know people who play WoW and get along with them. Love RPGs (the pen’n’paper one), played since Cataclysm (goblins convinced me - yet I don’t play Goblin now), had several breaks (mostly after WoD release I played only story and didn’t even make it through first released raid). Right now very convinced to stick to one class, yet undecided which race (right now Orc but thinking about rolling new race or even swaping alliance).
Also I have a family. Sometimes I have lot of time for play, sometimes I can barely get time to do couple dailies.

Age: 30

Personallity: sorry, but I’m mister smart a**. Rather start with my downsides. In PvP I have limited patience and will eventually rage quit after 5th loss, but in PvE (heroic/mythic) I can wipe over and over again and won’t quit. If we get along in-game I tend to be caring player - allways willing to help, instruct or share my knowledge but if someone asks me countless of times how to do some basic things that can be googled or easly checked on wowhead, I’m getting really annoyed.

Side: Horde but since the last expansion thinking more and more about swapping to Alliance.

Chars: Warrior. Period. I used to play Blood DK (I love idea of tanking whith two-handed), Brewmaster (eventually got really bored of Monk) and Vengeance DH (I love Demon Hunters but also got bored about it). Generally speaking I like big guns and like to tank.

Up for: Heroic/Mythic instances/raids, Achievements (including older expansions content, TMOG runs also), Role Play, World Quests. Don’t enjoy leveling but if I create a new character I can team up to level up easier / faster / queue for lower level dungeons.

Other interests: role play games, board games, music, movies, IT, family.

Language: English / Polish

Battletag: Linhael#2589

Hello everyone.

I saw this useful post and i decided to write something about me because yeah, need some fun people to play with me.
I played until TBC and then quitted for several reasons, then joined again in occasion of the launch of classic, but i really want to experience the retail version also!
Motivation that pushed me to play wow again: i wanna laugh with other people! My idea of playing the retail version would be enjoying simple quests from lvl 1 while calling with a group of 2/3 people and enjoying some classic dungeons (as well as the new ones, it really doesn’t matter).

Here some info about me:

Age: 28
Nationality: Italian
Personality: i like to chat and talk about everything, i love to laugh
Residence: Japan
Languages: Italian, English, Japanese
Preferrable game time: EU Time 12:00 - 18:00 (because of the time difference EU - JP)

The WoW community in Japan is not so wide so i’m counting on the EU fellas to live again the emotions that only WoW can give.

P.S im not a pro of the game so feel free to teach me the best ways to enjoy the game or insult me badly if i do something wrong!

My battletag: Brex#2545
Text me! :smiley:

Hi! I’m looking for some friends to play WoW with. I’ve never played Classic but I do have one Human Mage on Nethergarde Keep that I play on and off, I play more Retail than Classic though. But I would love to play more Classic with someone!

I am really looking for a friend I can hang out a lot with when I come home from work. I want to bond with someone over the game and become friends for a long time!

About me:

  • Age: 22, Female
  • Personality: Sarcastic, laid back, passive, friendly, shy, easy-going, patient, good humor
  • Side: Horde and Alliance, I play both equally now
  • Chars: 120 Nightborne BM Hunter, 120 Feral Druid
  • Spec: Combat only but I would like to try healing. I have to learn and I don’t have anyone to teach me.
  • Playing time: Monday through Friday- 5pm, Weekends- All day

Up for: Anything! I want to rep grind, farm gear, do raids, dungeons, old mount runs. Mythic+, Warfronts, PvP, anything! I just want to play with someone!

Other interests: Art, fish keeping, leopard geckos, dogs, powermetal and hard rock, japanese pop music, sleeping, other games such as Minecraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Witcher 3, and many other things!

Battletag: Nekomancer#21725

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Hi iv been playing on and off since pandas lol only starting to play more and more in recent days :smiley:

About me: been playing mmo’s for the last 10 years mostly lineage 2 as my main game hence why i played on and off. I dont work as im a home career for my gf who needs alot of care so i have alot of free time

Age: 32

Personality: Chilled up for a laugh

Side: im open to both

Chars: I got a 120 Mage as you can see me posting on lol currently playing a 32 worgen hunter pretty fun open to starting again on Horde or Allience

Bnet: Beaky#21358
Discord: Beaky#3645

About me:

Age: 20

Personality: abit crazy have an insane sense of humor but i like to help others so if your new or just rusty hmu or if your a pro and wanna do high end stuff im also good for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Side: Horde only

Chars: warrior

Spec: all (fury main)

Playing time: most weekdays and very late at night (very)

Up for: anything really, wether its current content heroic or mythic raiding high end keys or stupid stuff like dueling old raid runs just anything i can have a laugh whilst doing, if you need help leveling or just want someone to have a chat with im downnnnn

Other interests: BMX, gym, boxing, memes, wow lore all sorts of stuff art etc etc

Battletag: Wilshh#21357
discord: wilshh#1759

About me: kinda epic(?) backstory, hyper competitive, theory crafting enthusiast

Age: 20

Personality: Very serious when it comes to PvP, can laugh about anything, hates sjw and other BS like that.

Side: Main horde, Ally if I find mates

Chars: TBD

Spec: dps only

Playing time: everyday

Up for: Anything really I just came back to the game so I need to find a main and catch up…so i guess I won’t do pvp for a long time
Other interests: Fitness, competition, esports, competiton, esports, competing. Electronic sports

Battletag: Laiyren#2182

What about those of us wanting to make some in-game ENEMIES?!

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You’ll have to go ingame and f*ck em up. Sadly it’s harder to bring any kind of rivalries since Realms are utterly useless now…

Cross-realm was a nice idea WHEN IN GROUP and ONLY in group. Now everywhere you see randoms people from random realms. it’s just bad design


About me: I am a 28 years old guy from Belgium, working all day long and I just want to come back and relax with some quality gaming time during the evenings. I enjoy mostly the PvP aspect but I do also like the PvE aspect and all the gathering and stuff, only if it is joined by fun / discord with others.

I mainly play on Horde side, but with the right people I would not say no to the allies :). I have been playing since TBC but due to life being so overwhelming, especially the adult one :), I stopped playing from time to time. I am now back in the game for few months as I got super hyped due to classic and couldnt wait for it so I just started BFA. I loved BFA, but ohhhh my, since classic is released I am having a blast.

Playingtime (everyday, evenings especialyl) I am playing with a couple of friends irl but we would be pleased to find more people to play with.

Battletag: LazyTitan#22170

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Im Looking for friend to party sync because i want to reroll to horde side,
Im gonna play on dreanor
Orc warrior
I really need some friends on retail been playing on my feral druid without friends and guild for 2 years! T_T

Add me On Bnet Dizzytitan#21151

and send me a msg

About me:

Age: 37
personality: relaxed
faction: Alliance
**characters: Vivio
**Playing time: Everyday
**up for: transmog farming, achievement runs
**other interests: reading
**Battletag: Sanktkaiser#2362

About me:

Age: 28


Side: Ally [Darksorrow] - Horde [Argent Dawn]



Spec: Tank

Playing time: When I can - time change from week to week.

Up for: Pretty much anything. Dungeons, raids, pvp, quests, helping out.

Other interests: Many.

Battletag: ShaneMisfit#2926 (I think)