Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)

(Jfire) #185


My ingame name is: JFire99#21659

Also Known As: JFire99 ( J , Fire ) :stuck_out_tongue:

I have horde characters, 5 ish

And alliance 5 ish :stuck_out_tongue:

Always been playing WoW but gave up after WoD then legion came out and then the amazing BFA

Play Daily just looking for people to talk to meet new friends and always do raiding/dungeons/questing on a daily basis ^^


About me: 26 yrs old girl coming back to the game mainly for Classic. I have never played Vanilla before, and I still consider myself a WoW newbie, but I m very excited since I have heard so many amazing things about it. My friends play other games and I think this thread might be a great opportunity for me to find some cool people to play with and get to know.

Personality : Mature, optimistic, open-minded, outgoing, friendly (more so after my morning coffee), wicked sense of humor, very easy to get along with

Side: Alliance but might be persuaded!

Language: English

Chars: I love healing, maining a priest. But I also like to have some ranged dps for variety!

Playing time: My job is very flexible so I get to be on quite often unless I m doing something else besides gaming

Up for: PvP, dungeons, would love to get into Raiding at some point, interested in Roleplay and the Story. I like to explore and experience everything the game has to offer!

Other interests: Sports, Travelling, Painting, Music, Animals

I m quite talkative and enjoy conversations about anything really and I like to voice chat. I dont mind if you are shy, as long as you have a working mic, dont hesitate, add me and lets get to know each other and have some fun times in the game! :slight_smile:

Battletag: Foxy#23202


Hi! I’m looking for some friends to play WoW with. I’ve never played Classic and I will be playing that with a group of friends when it’s released, but I want friends to play current WoW with me too!

About me:

  • Age: 21
  • Personality: Sarcastic, laid back, passive, friendly, shy, easy-going
  • Side: Horde main, Alliance Alt
  • Chars: 120 Nightborne BM Hunter (Main), 95 Night Elf Feral Druid
  • Spec: Combat only but I would like to try healing. I have to learn and I don’t have anyone to teach me.
  • Playing time: Monday through Friday- 5pm, Weekends- All day

Up for: Anything! I want to rep grind, farm gear, do raids, dungeons, old mount runs. Literally anything, I just want to play with someone!

Other interests: Art, fish keeping, leopard geckos, dogs, power metal and hard rock, japanese pop music, sleeping, other games such as Minecraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Witcher 3, and many other things!

Battletag: Nekomancer#21725


About me:

Age: 25
Personality: True Neutral
Side: Horde (and leveling an alliance now)
Prot warrior.
Playing time: Easter European evenings and weekends.
Up for: I want to make a company of friends to do mythics.
And reputations and tmog runs too.
Leveling an alliance toon now.
Other interests: guns, gym, ski, intelligence, hiking.
Battletag: Doomguy#21822

I always had a hard time presenting myself. If something from above look interesting to you or you just bored then hmu, I’m bored too.


Name: Malaficus Shaikan.
Job: Archon.
Age: I was born at the dawn of time but my current body is 33.
Charaters: Night elf druid on argant dawn, zandalari tribe and classic rp server with the hard name.
Playing time:
Unless real life gets in the way:
13:00 to 17:100 and 19:00 to 23:00.

Personality: Knight is sour armor.(look it up at tv tropes)

Seeking people to chat with and kill time with.
I am not picky about the content aslong it isnt ganking, trolling or other stuff of the nature.
Bullies are shot on sight.

Battletag: malaficus1969

If i am in a dungeon or raid dont wishper me.
Tanking require’s all my attation.


About me: Funny, friendly, quiet, open minded. I like dark humor and discussing about almost everything.
Age: 20
Side: Alliance, but I can also level horde char
Chars: Alliance: DK and dh(lvl 120), priest(lvl 92) Horde: hunter(boosted lvl 110)
Up for: anything
Playing time: evenings
Other interests: history, movies, music, literature, other cutures, animals, politics.

Battletag: Frostuch#21666


Hello Everyone!

I’m a pretty quiet most times. I love playing wow lots. I came back a few days ago to the game since I were gone for some months from the game.

Side: Alliance. But also have Lots of characters on Both sides. :slight_smile:

My Playing Time: Pretty much 24/7 unless I’m doing/playing something else the moment. :slight_smile:

Other Interests: Movies, Music, Walking, Reading, Languages :slight_smile:

My Battletag: Daeliina#2972 :slight_smile:

Things I do on game: Random BGs here and then, Transmog Collecting, Reps, Questing, Dungeons here and then,

Personality: Shy at first. But while time goes I’m much more Smiley and happy to talk with. :slight_smile:


Hello all, old wow player here looking for friends to play with :wink:
Age: 27
personality: calm and chitchatter a bit
faction: hordie
characters: alot (mainly dps)
Available: 5 days a week from 8pm ST
up for: Mythics, mog runs, achiv’s etc.

Btag= Exxacus#2224

(Tarja) #193

About me: Started WoW in Vanilla and still playing, sometimes more sometimes less. I’m mostly looking for friends on Alliance side but I also have alot Horde chars (they have pre 8.2 gear, haven’t played on them recently)

Age: 33

Personality: easy-going, laid back, mature. I take most things easy but I also can be serious and concentrated when it comes to high ranked pvp or high M+ I can also talk and laugh alot ;D

Side: mostly looking for Alliance players! Ofc Horde is welcome too :slight_smile:

Alliance Priest, Shadow
Alliance Monk, WW + Tank
Alliance DH, Tank

On Horde I have: Priest, Monk, DH, Pally
All my Horde friends stopped playing so I haven’t put effort into gearing them yet.

Playing time: during the week mostly between 6 pm and 11 pm CET. On weekends mostly on Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.

Up for: mostly looking for people for M+ , arenas, wpvp or BGs. . I also like leveling/gearing alts.
Ended up with 1.9k rio and close to 2.3k rating last season (or maybe season before last season, cant remember… bad memory) without trying seriously.

-> Mainly looking for someone to play with. Be cool and relaxed, no need for ragers or people who know everything better.

Other interests: gym, drawing, hanging out with friends, music, watching streams, pubg, classic wow

Battletag: Tarja#2189


About me: I started with WOTLK but I had a few breaks and came back for Legion. I don’t have any In-game friends and I’m not good at socialize randomly.

Age: 31

Personality: I’m shy at first but very friendly and funny also open minded, you can talk about almost everything with me.

Side: I play Horde only and I don’t want to change that, yeah maybe I should delete “open minded”?

Chars: Mostly I play my DK or Rogue and levelling a Warlock and Priest at the moment.
Playing time: I play mostly in the evening but sometimes also during the day or morning. I’m a freelancer and work at home only.

Up for: Questing, Levelling an Alt, Dungeons, Raids, Achievements, chatting and more.

Other interests: Goth Culture, Metal Concerts, Cats, Gym and sports.

Language: English/german

If you’re interested feel free to add me.

Battletag: Shay#21213