Post removed

Apparently my guild recruitment post is being removed cause of violation of conduct. Wtf?

This ad?

I just realized I had 2 exact same posts up. Maybe that’s why my most recent one is being removed?

The other one appears to have been removed by you

I removed it myself just now when I realized I had the older one active. But before that It got removed by staff 3 times.

There is a reason the post was removed, it breaks the rules on posting language, not swearing or anything like that but the actual language it’s posted in. You can only post in English on these EU realms, it’s in the rules.

Post in English, and English only

Moderators need to be able to read everything you write to make sure it’s not unsuitable for the forums. If we can’t, we have to assume the worst and consider the post a breach of the forum guidelines. Posts not in English are subject to deletion.
Note: an extra version in English is not good enough, as a moderator can’t verify that the non-English text is the same as the English one.