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(Shammoz) #3

Clickable links can only be done to trusted sites (Battlenet, YouTube, Twitch, Wowhead) unless you are trust level 3.

(Haiete) #4

You need to have Trust level 3, and since your profile is hidden, I cannot say what you still need to do for it.

It seems that 55 days of activity is a requirement, and 20k posts read.

(Punyelf) #5

Visit the Forums on 50% of the last 100 Days

It’s all explained in the FAQ that Shammoz linked.

(Haiete) #6

I decided to check that myself on the US forums and until now I’ve only seen forum members who have trust level 3 and have visited the forums for 55 days. 20k seems to be right though.

(Punyelf) #7
  • Visit the Forums on 50% of the last 100 Days
  • Read 500 Topics created in the last 100 Days
  • Read 20,000 Posts created in the last 100 Days
  • Like 30 Posts
  • Receive 20 Likes
  • Reply to 10 different Topics
  • Don’t have more than 5 Spam/Offensive Flags
  • Don’t be suspended in any Blizzard Game or Forum

(Haiete) #8

Lowest right now is 51 days, so looks like 50 days is about right.


Also, for those who want to check who has Trust Level 3:

(Nefaryas) #9

I got trust level 3 on day 51 of the new forums so the last 100 days bit is mysterious it seems. I can post links to any site, post gifs and make wiki posts so I am definitely trust level 3 too.

Edit: for evidence a non trusted source link that is ok to click and check your own trust level on lol

(Punyelf) #10

I’m not disputing that you are. In any way shape or form.

The last time someone brought this up it was under the 50 days mark and we said we’d wait and see if it would make the 100 days pass or just grant you it at 50 days if you’d been active daily.

Now we know :slight_smile:

(Nefaryas) #11

I only realised because of the symbol to make posts wiki posts appeared then I tried to post gifs and it worked lol the amusement as worn off now though :rofl:

(Punyelf) #12

Sometimes a gif can say it all :laughing:

(Aundra) #13

Don’t give me trust level 3 then :rofl: I don’t want the power of posting gifs or I’m going to be banned for spam.

(Punyelf) #14

You can’t be far off rank 3 yourself.

(Nefaryas) #15

They gave us the power to post gifs, that must mean they want us to use them :smile:

(Shammoz) #16

I have a sore throat today so I sent an email to all staff saying I will only communicate via GIF/Meme… and added this…

(Brewny) #17

I don’t know why my profile is hidden, how do I unhide it? Semi related, but is there a reason why the forum selects a different posting character every time I log in?

(Haiete) #18

It happened to some people automatically. Click on your portrait > settings/preferences > interface > remove the mark next to "[en_GB.user.hide_profile_and_presence] ".

I have no idea, but it seems like it choses the character based on which one you logged out with most recently.

(Brewny) #19

Thanks, just sorted it. Forums didn’t used to be so complicated in the old days…

Also why doesn’t it sometimes show I replied to a post even though I clicked reply? On my last reply to you there’s an icon to show I replied to you, but in the next reply it wasn’t there even though I clicked the same reply button

Edit again: how do I post a word with asterisks at each end without making it all italic? I feel old…

(Haiete) #20

Well, in terms of trust level requirements, you need to visit around 34 more days, and you need to read around 18k posts (which is kind of a grind, but it’s possible).

A good alternative is using the </> function, your links will appear like this. Just use two ` and you’re fine. You can link to any website you want.



That’s a good question, and I’ve been wondering that myself lately. It happens when you insert a citation or quote.

(Punyelf) #21

Some people had some issues when first switching to the new forums. I have never had it change my character depending on what I play in game but it’s not the first time I’ve seen that posted.

Most advice is to either change your password (you can change it back after) which forced a kind of refresh on your account. I had to go this route when the forums went live because I couldn’t post on my main or any character on my main’s realm.

There is another method which is to log out of the old forums, log out of the new forums, clear your cache. Then only log in to the new forums.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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