Posts removed

What is up with some of my posts being removed? You don’t even say why, only that it has been flagged and removed. I know I didn’t break any rules for the removed post.

Forum mods need to shape up. If telling ppl about my versatility, legendary, survivability and that it feels fruitless to play in the current meta is reason enough for posts to be removed then why are you even hosting a forum if you cant handle opinions written without banned words/threats/spam?

Guess this will be removed aswell.

Sounds like you were trolling to me.

Maybe even flamebaiting.

Btw did it say your post was hidden or did you get a message to say it was removed? One is done by posters and the other is a moderator.

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If you feel like you want to understand the rules better, feel free to read these.

As for flagging, people can flag what they might consider trolling/spam as well as inappropriate/abusive content. Anyway for a post to be outright removed it needs to be reviewed by a moderator.

Yeah, I think the posts may have been hidden by posters rather than removed. Probably a single mass flagger.