Presenting the Plunderstorm® Creator Royale coming March 30!

That prize money could have been spent hiring someone to improve the game.
Such a waste.


Maybe the next 50k USD they raise can be used to hang up “No Drinking” signs on any breastmilk baggies.

WoW has fallen.

For crying outloud Blizz, could you be more cringe?

Also, no thanks.


Utter trash content. Worse than the stupid Hearthstone event. At least it makes it easier for me to cancel my subscription…


Making a limited time event into an E-sport thing? Jikes…


With all the people that’s been lured in by the unlocks and all the views this will get from the streamers’ respective fanbois, they might just have the numbers to justify making it more than a limited time event… whatever that entails.

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How did I know this was coming.

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They might try other things with the event in the future. I guess it depends how successful this one is.

Really no one cares about streamers if their content all disappeared tomorrow and they all stopped it would be just fine, many wouldn’t even notice. Why double down on such poor content ?


This is pure unfiltered aids

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Trying hard to promote a game mode NONE has asked for. Wasted “”““Dev””" time.


Re launch plunderstorm in the future as free to play to incentivize players into subscribing for the rewards, while having least some rewards for free to play as well

Feels like a waste making plunderstorm not free to play in the future

The type of people who enjoy this mode are just what the WoW community needs …


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Here’s a novel Idea Blizz why not take the $50k and spend it on repairing the game you have messed up with Blunderstorm
Chat not working correctly
friends list not working correctly
UI not working correctly
Bags not working correctly
Map not opening correctly
All things that were working correctly before Blunderstorm.
I think Blunderstorm is a great thing but why has it broken so much ?
And who cares about the entitled streamers?..nobody.

you’re not getting me to watch that for free, either add some juicy twitch drops or there’ll be no audience.


you know already that it will come back for the “overwhelming positive reaction from the community” as a full blown f2p game with an ingame shop for transmogs and effects


Was planned way too long already.

Who believes that all those streamer bois didn’t know what they will get in this crapperoni patch?
Sure a 9 days notice to participate in a 50k tournament for a game that just released and wasn’t tested by “streamers” sure haha

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I think the game mode is really fun, and a lot of my friends also do.

But this event is just dumb since they are picking content creators instead of hosting a community tournament.

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