Prevoker + Warlock looking for 2 night HC+ Raiding Guild [Tarren, but can move]

Hey there. :upside_down_face:
Currently looking for a friendly yet focused guild to continue pushing HC and eventually dip into Mythic.

I have mostly been pugging since Season 2 so would love to find somewhere more consistant. Have previous Mythic experience in earlier tiers/expansions but on a melee character. I now main Healer.

We are on Horde Tarren Mill but can swap server/faction for the right guild. Raiding times preferably between 20+ but can be adaptable.

Any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Hi there how you doing, could I interest you in us at all? Not massive into mythic but if we get heroic down would adventure to at least first few bosses.

Hi, you sound like you would fit in perfectly with us and are just what we are looking for. Feel free to reach out if you’re also interested in us! [LFM] [DRAENOR EU] [H+A] [RAID] Reformed Horde 4/9 HC going for AOTC!

Hey Valtora! Scepter Guild is currently recruiting if you’d be interested! Can find me on as holymaim on Discord, or Sarodra#2778 on Battle net and see if we may be a good fit for you and your friend :slight_smile:


Our guild is on Draenor is currently looking to fill 2 raid spots. Ideally we’re looking for two DPS (one with a healer offspec that can flex to that role when needed). We may not be an exact match but if we do sound like an option then please drop me a line on discord, I’m happy to have a chat and go into more detail - ellie7765

Good luck with your search :slight_smile:

Maybe Punished on Dentarg/Tarren Mill could be something which might interest you? We’re casual, aiming for Curve (maybe bit slower pace then the rest of the guild), but family/RL always comes first to us.
Also if the roster allows maybe down the line some mythic bosses as well.

With us you raid, do m+ when you have the time, being part of our crew is not your second job in the evenings.

Our raid times are Thursda/Monday from 21 to 00 server time. We do mythic+ when ever people feel like it, but mainly on off raiding nights evening on 1st come 1st server principle where you ask around in chat to find your “victims” for your keys :wink:

We’re older, casual, occasionally take raiding and progression seriously as well.
At times we might seem bit distant and antisocial, but raids have tons to laugh about.

Tonight we do fast kill of couple of normal bosses with a skip to last one and then will venture into heroic. In which with last reset we have killed already 6 bosses. Hoping to repeat that this reset with something new added to the kill list as well.
If you want to check us out before you make your decision you are more then welcome to either join us tonight in our raid or watch a discord stream ← no strings attached.

Add me on discord if you happen to be interested and we can chat further: mari.s

Hey, Judgement-Tarrenmill are looking for heals and lock. add me on discord and we can chat :blush: Minimoo#9457