Primal Chaos can now be Sent to Alts

We’ve heard and agree with feedback that players have amassed surplus Primal Chaos on their mains while their alts need all the Primal Chaos they can get. With a hotfix that went live about 12 hours ago, we’ve added a method for transferring Primal Chaos to other characters on your account.

  • Rabul of the Artisan’s Consortium now sells a Satchel of Coalescing Chaos that binds to your Blizzard Account. This item costs 80 Primal Chaos and provides 60 Primal Chaos to the character who uses it.

As you can see, some Primal Chaos will be lost in the transaction. This is because we want to make sure that while this is a great way for a main to help an alt, the best way to gear up a character should generally be via actually playing that character.

Nonetheless, this should provide an additional use for your Primal Chaos, as well as a good way to get some powerful gear to your alts quickly.


Amazing. Wonderful. Now do the same for Primal Infusions as well please.


ty friends much appreciated

Thank you :))))

As an addition QoL feature, could Primal Chaos please be added to the currencies tab? This would make it easy to see which characters have a surplus of Primal Chaos without having to check the reagent bank each time.

Instant “Master Crafter” Achievement for Guilds btw., since opening a bag with 60 Primal Chaos counts as crafting 60 epic items. =)

Lovely, now how about letting us send concentrated primal focus to alts too, seeing as the first change is completely irrelevent in comparsion to doing this.

How about you make something similar for Artisan Mettle?
Or at the very least a BoA version of Illustrious Insight that costs 80-100 mettle to buy from artisan consortium.

Can we get a way to trade primal chaos for trade goods or just vendor it for a few gold each? We could do this during legion. And honestly due to to the crafting rework system i did not bother with crafting this expansion. So i am sitting on alot of primal chaos without any use for it

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