Prot paladin missing Crusader strike? (Solved.)

Crusader Strike is missing from all three of my max-level Prot paladins (different servers), but not from the one I just rolled up. Not sure what’s up with that.

Check spell book, but look in the paladin page and not protection. I don’t know why they decided to make two tabs

I’m finding this strange aswell I’m either for or against having it, it just feels like it should be there based on what they have said. And I can’t find any information that HoTR would be an upgraded version of it either even if thats likely the intention from Blizzards side.

I see why its not in game would mean 100% uptime on SoTR for sure however its strange it isnt since Crusader Strike is an ability they took back and based on their own words is an ability that should be avaviable to all specs.

First thing I tried. The skill isn’t in the book. Not the base page, not the prot page. Funny thing is, Holy has the base skill and Rank 3, Retri has Rank 2+3, and if I spec out of prot, I can see prot actually has Rank 2 available, but it doesn’t show up when in spec. It does however show up for both Retri and Holy when in those specs. This persists on four existing Prot pallys on three different servers, but the brand new one has it from start (since it’s now a starter skill at level 1 and you don’t start in-spec).

I just made a /cast Crusader Strike macro with #showtooltip Crusader Strike attached to it aswell and the icon and tooltip that shows up is for Hammer of the Righteous.

It just isnt mentioned anywhere weirdly enough that it replaces it.

Correct. Tooltip for the Hammer of the Righteous says it replaces Crusader Strike, and you get that at level 14. But it ONLY says that before you qualify for the talent. It doesn’t show at level 14+ even in other specs. Mystery solved.

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